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Anthill Smart 100: Winners Revealed (2013)


They’re innovative, Australian, highly commercial and they’re changing the world, one idea at a time.

Yes, it’s time to reveal this year’s SMART 100 index.

The maven judges have cast their votes and their combined wisdom has unveiled a truly remarkable winner.

It’s common knowledge that products and services designed to help people connect hold a stunning competitive advantage in the digital economy. And just when you thought that all markets were cornered, this year’s SMART 100 winner is bringing new ways of doing business to an old and highly traditional industry.

This year’s winner is taking livestock management from the dirt to the cloud.

And the winners are…

WINNER Live Stock Connect 105
TOP 10 Bean Hunter 102
TOP 10 Open Learning Platform 102
TOP 10 Posturesure Foam 102
TOP 10 Quick Fire 102
TOP 10 Galaxc 100
TOP 10 Bent Over Snozzle 99
TOP 10 Platformation 98
TOP 10 Re-Timer 98
TOP 10 Provisio 97
TOP 10 Recruit Loop 97
TOP 50 Informaly Content Analytics 96
TOP 50 Pokitpal 96
TOP 50 Subscription Pet Food 96
TOP 50 Geomite Tidal Windpower 95
TOP 50 Surfing Online (Sport) 95
TOP 50 Lean Prototyping 94
TOP 50 With One Voice 94
TOP 50 Perfect South Tea 94
TOP 50 Eco Pillows 93
TOP 50 Instafit 93
TOP 50 Langoor Moobi 93
TOP 50 On Yer Bike 93
TOP 50 Online English Pronunciation 93
TOP 50 Tapestry 93
TOP 50 Inproperty 91
TOP 50 Traddie Connect 91
TOP 50 Blue Chilli – Venture Technology 91
TOP 50 First Gold 90
TOP 50 Airspaced 90
TOP 50 Lexis Nexis Red 90
TOP 50 The Suggestion Place 90
TOP 50 Employment Hero 89
TOP 50 Evado Client 89
TOP 50 The Online Empire Project 89
TOP 50 Thermodynamic Solar Hotwater 89
TOP 50 Track Your Impact 89
TOP 50 League of Extraordinary Women 88
TOP 50 Passport2Fitness 88
TOP 50 Virtual DBA 88
TOP 50 Easoto 87
TOP 50 Anecsys 87
TOP 50 iSwimtoo 87
TOP 50 It’s That Easy Online Marketing 86
TOP 50 Kounta 86
TOP 50 Rooms with Style 86
TOP 50 Chairboard 85
TOP 50 Dirt Girl World 85
TOP 50 Freshpak 85
TOP 50 Sentis Safety Observation Tool 85
TOP 50 Social Property 85
SMART 100 Digital Sobet 84
SMART 100 Mijura Task Management 84
SMART 100 Protein Bread 84
SMART 100 TriggerApp 84
SMART 100 Ollo Mobile 83
SMART 100 Clingons 82
SMART 100 Controlabill 82
SMART 100 Edisse Watch 82
SMART 100 Food Orbits 82
SMART 100 SoundGecko 82
SMART 100 SMSF Lending 81
SMART 100 uChair 81
SMART 100 Sign Safe Kids Car Id 79
SMART 100 Token One 79
SMART 100 Workible 79
SMART 100 Design Crowd 78
SMART 100 Liquidation & Bankruptcy Online 78
SMART 100 Mystery Bank 78
SMART 100 Rdrct.it 78
SMART 100 Adventure Honey 77
SMART 100 Maths Pathways 77
SMART 100 Student Rooms 76
SMART 100 Airtasker 75
SMART 100 Buffed 75
SMART 100 Feedback Loop 75
SMART 100 Full On Social Me 75
SMART 100 Make Me A Star 75
SMART 100 Fat Zebra 73
SMART 100 Geepers 72
SMART 100 Blaze Cloud 72
SMART 100 GiggedIn 72
SMART 100 Yuk To Kids Safety 72
SMART 100 Sportaroo 71
SMART 100 Squizzd 71
SMART 100 Virtual Display Home 71
SMART 100 BWorkFlow 70
SMART 100 Dazzle Strands Hair Embellishments 70
SMART 100 Babychic Cotton Pram Liner 67
SMART 100 Coresafe 65
SMART 100 Pool Car 65
SMART 100 ChargeIQ 63
SMART 100 Infiniti 63
SMART 100 McLowd 62
SMART 100 Promise Locker 61
SMART 100 Gem Networking 60
SMART 100 Connect Talent 58
SMART 100 All Sportz 55
SMART 100 Bike Roar 51
SMART 100 Housenet 55


Honourable Mentions

So these guys didn’t make it to the top 100. Yet we think they deserve an honourable mention for finding an idea and running with it, cause that is what innovation is all about.

Honourable Mention Clutterfi 44
Honourable Mention Good Funny Smart 41
Honourable Mention About Pain 36
Honourable Mention One Night Stand Sleepwear 30
Honourable Mention EnterpriseMO 29
Honourable Mention Hyper Business Questions App 21


What is the SMART 100?

In true Anthillian style, the SMART 100 is an ever-evolving, ever-improving experiment.

Designed to encourage, promote and support innovation in Australia, it identifies and ranks new Australian innovations by applying a combination of crowdsourcing, collaboration and common-sense.

Unlike your average awards program, we don’t lock a panel of expert adjudicators in a small room. Neither do we demand a thorough analysis of each applicant’s P&L statement. We don’t even request an historical snapshot of ‘runs on the board’ or commercial achievements.

This is because innovation is future focused. It is about identifying and solving problems in ways that will change the way we live, do business and think.

What was the process?

Anthill readers were invited to submit detailed applications by completing open-ended questions, such as…

This innovation improves on what came before because…

The outcomes of these applications were amalgamated and short-listed to assemble the Top 100. These profiles were uploaded to the Anthill website for judging.

At the same time, over 100 ‘maven’ judges were invited to judge 10 applications each, using an online tool developed by Anthill to reflect a set of eight, individually weighted, criteria.

So, what’s a maven?

Most people define a maven as a trusted expert in a particular field. The word comes from the Yiddish meyvn and Hebrew mevin (מבֿין), with the same meaning, which in turn derives from the Hebrew binah, meaning understanding.

For our purposes, a maven also means a person who seeks to pass on this knowledge to others – an intense gatherer of information and impressions, the first to pick up on new or nascent trends and share them.

Mavens play a vital role in the commercial success of new products and services.

Unlike early-adopters, who are attracted to any new technology, mavens are more discerning. They are thoughtful in their approach to the adoption of innovations and that is why they are often turned to as trusted advisers.

A successful innovation may be attractive to your average early-adopter but mavens are the people who will bring a successful innovation into the mainstream.

As a result, Anthill’s SMART 100 are not chosen simply due to the novel or unique nature of the innovations but because of the potential of each to achieve consumer adoption and commercial success.

Here’s a selection of our 2013 mavens. Recognise any names?

First name Last name
Jack Craze
Bec Derrington
Yvonne Adele
Ian Gardiner
Nick Bowditch
Damian Blumenkranc
Mark Middo
Christine Kaine
Biagio LaRosa
Jen Storey
Robelen Bajar
Gretha Oost
Skeeve Stevens
Dave Sag
Guy Glover
Sue Barrett
Mike Murray
Martin Hosking
Tony Eades
Bianca Rothschild
Paul Niederer
ross beard
Pete Williams
Hezi Leibovich
Ben Flavel
Guy Glover
Rosie Brown
Nathan Murphy
Jon Tanner
Tim Pethick
Jordan Green
Graeme Bowman
Phil Rogers
Alan Clark
Fred Schebesta
Ben Bickford
Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin
John Weichard
Jon Michail
Jon Tanner
Paul Charlwood
Bryce Summerel

What were the criteria?

In addition to the the obvious (Is this innovation unique? How similar or different do you think the idea is to other products / services that are currently available to its target market?), Anthill’s criteria delved into areas of equal importance not normally acknowledged by other innovation award programs.

For example, Anthill’s criteria included the evaluation of the innovation against questions designed to measure its potential to self-market (i.e. Is the innovation ‘remarkable’? Is it something that YOU would ‘remark on’ — i.e. talk about or mention — when speaking with work colleagues, friends or family?) and achieve adoption among its target market (Does this innovation respond to a necessity or a want? How important do you think this innovation would be to its intended user?).

What is the Readers’ Choice Index?

The Readers’ Choice Index was created to provide an opportunity for Anthill readers to vote on SMART 100 applications, in one of three ways:

  1. Tweet it: Top left of each page (3 points)
  2. Trigger a Reaction: Facebook ‘Like’, etc (2 points)
  3. Leave a Comment: Anonymous comments excluded (1 points)

Simply visit the page of your favourite(s) above and vote.

At the conclusion of the Readers’ Choice judging period, we will tally up the results and create an Index according to the votes of our readers.

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