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Ever wonder if your ‘content marketing’ is really just crap? You gotta see this! [INFOGRAPHIC]


Content marketing is one of those things everyone has to “have the talk about” at some point. But, unlike some of those other talks in life, content marketing doesn’t have to be explained with thinly-veiled innuendo and awkward allusions to birds (or bees).

Online Kickstart’s Edmund Pelgen serves up an infographic that explains in simple terms the core concepts of the Content Marketing Framework.

Pelgen advocates strong, goal-oriented content, as opposed to “just making some blog posts.”
“The reason I created the framework was to help me and others understand how all of these various activities that people call ‘Content Marketing’ come together to help a business achieve it’s ultimate business goals,” Edmund says.

Like many of us, Pelgen says he’s hand enough of seeing bland, run-of-the-mill, repetitive blog posts masquerading as valuable content. He reminds us that content needs to uphold some level of standards to be beneficial to your business.

Pelgen presented his Practical Content Marketing Framework back in March of 2014, at SMX Sydney. To condense his framework down to a simple, easy-to-follow format, Pelgen commissioned an infographic that spells out what makes content more than just digital filler.

How does your content measure up?

Here’s the full infographic from www.onlinekickstart.com:

Online Kickstart Content Marketing Framework Infographic