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How to ensure you can give a stunning presentation delivered from your mobile device


Have you ever got called to do a presentation at the last minute and, all you have is your iPad, tablet and your smartphone?

It’s best to be like a boy scout and, be prepared!

Here are seven top apps and tips to help deliver an amazing presentation all from the palm of your hand.

First, you will need to plan your presentation.

1. Brainstorming

If you need to get your ideas for your presentation together, brainstorming is the way to go!

There are lots of brainstorming apps on the market. The one I recommend is “Inspiration for the iPad“.
This retails at $10.49. Plus, it exports the maps to either Dropox or your iTunes account when syncing the iPad.

2. QR codes for more information

There is a time and a place for QR codes. This can be one of them. You can create a QR code to take people to a Google doc, website so that people can engage with your presentation or, access it globally.

Upload your presentation, depending on Intellectual Property and content of presentation, for online viewing with online tools such as SlideShare.

So now, it’s time to present. Consider these apps for presenting.

3. Haiku Deck (Free)

Haiku Deck is an iPad app where you can create, add images, text and then export to Facebook, email and Twitter.You can even embed the presentations into your website or blog.

The images are all creative commons based which means they are free to use. This is a bonus! You don’t have to go searching for images. It’s then easy to present the slideshow straight from the iPad.

4. Dropbox (Varies)

There is always a time when you need to backup your presentations and, this is a great way of doing while using your mobile device.

Have a folder already set up for presentations, so it is easy to access.

These files can then be shared out via an email link.

5. NearPod (Free)

This app is currently based for education use however, there is a free trial for business.

The NearPod app allows presenters to control content and then deliver the presentation. That is, the master slides the presenter sees are different from the audience’s slides. It also allows collaboration and real-time assessment within the app.

6. Idea Flight ($10.49)

This app is based on the Master iPad being the pilot and, the rest are the passengers.

You can choose what content goes out when, what is showed, what is locked, so the passengers can’t go any further in the presentation), and the passengers can see who else is in the room.

Then, it’s time for feedback on your presentation.

7. Feedback apps

It’s great to be able to receive feedback for your presentation while it is being delivered to your audience.

A great tool is Todaysmeet. This app is free.

It can be set up in advance of the presentation so that people can use a name or alias. All they have to do is type a sentence, the 140 character rule applies, and then, press Enter.

You can save this chat up for a month after the meeting. This is a great tool especially if there is members who are attending the presentation in a virtual manner.

So, there you have it. Seven apps and tools to help you plan, present and ponder your presentations from mobile devices.

Megan Iemma is the Director of TechCoachHQ. She is able to translate the complex technology of today’s online and ‘App’ world, mobile devices, online tools and social media, to real world situations.