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Clingons (NSW) – 2013 Anthill SMART 100


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This innovation came to life when…

Our landlord would not allow us to hang our favourite photographs on the walls as it would damage them. I knew of a commercial technology that allowed printing onto an adhesive material with print quality as good as if not better than canvass. I took it further and started to combine images of picture frames and our favourite family photos and printed them together to create a framed wall sticker. All we then had to do was peel and stick the patented technology. Removing it from the wall left no marks, allowing us to reuse it again and again.


The purpose of this innovation is to…

Allow tenants or perhaps those that are challenged by DIY to hang their favourite photographs on their walls without the need for any tools. It takes the stress out of hanging a picture.

It does this by…

Providing a simple self-adhesive patented fabric that does not damage the walls. The adhesive backing is continuous and has been recorded to have been reused over 200 times. You simply peel and stick. Making multiple photos a breeze to hang.


This innovation improves on what came before because…

Unlike a nail that needs to be removed from a wall, then patched up and painted, our Clingons do not damage 99% of walls. It is also more affordable than buying multiple frames and hanging them all.

The benefits to the customer/end-user include…

Affordability, simple application for people of all ages. Does not require any tools to hang or take down. Costs $0 for tenants when removing from their walls. We provide and continue to provide various styles of frames.



In the past, this problem was solved by…

Nobody has created this before and it’s a unique product that combines many services into one product.

Its predecessors/competitors include…

It’s a unique product that no one else is yet doing.


This innovation is made for…

Rental market. Single mums. Those that do not have the equipment to hang a picture. The elderly. Daycare centres, hospital wards, medical centres, etc.


It is available for sale through…

Online through my website, theclingsstore.com.au.

Our marketing strategy is to…

Gain traction through daycare and medical centres, display homes, anywhere with high-traffic volume.


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