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One Night Stand Sleepwear (VIC) – 2013 Anthill SMART 100


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This innovation came to life when…

In 2010, after experiencing the feeling of not knowing where I was going to sleep at night, I wanted to help people who were experiencing homelessness but had less opportunity to escape than I did.

I looked into different options like youth work, metal heath work or even starting a not-for-profit. Most of the NFPs I was meeting with were doing a great job (better than I could do) but all seemed to have a lack of stable funding.

So the idea was born: a profit-for-purpose sleepwear line that would fund these great organisations.


The purpose of this innovation is to…

Our sleepwear line is developed to compete in the retail fashion world. We are capturing peoples attention with cool, quality, Australian-made sleepwear and allowing our customer to make change simply through the power of their purchase.

It does this by…

Every time you purchase a One Night Stand product, you are supporting Australian business; from our designs to our manufacturing everything is made right here, sweatshop-free.

But the biggest bonus is we invest our profits into ventures that are solving the issues of youth homelessness.


This innovation improves on what came before because…

In the last forty years the not-for-profit sector has only been able to capture 2% for the total GPD (reference: Dan Pallotta).

The NFP sector is trying to tackle the world’s biggest issues with minimal money and people have cause fatigue. One Night Stand is an innovative business here to change that.

The benefits to the customer/end-user include…

The customer is purchasing a product, they receive value from it, they receive a product they want to purchase — that feels good.

They know their money has gone to someone in need — that feels good.



In the past, this problem was solved by…

Grants, fundraising or personal investment. All of them still have their place, but so far have only penetrated 2% of the market. Our style of business can change this, entering markets were we can collect more money in a sustainable way, and not always going out and begging for it.

Its predecessors/competitors include…

Our biggest direct competitor is Peter Alexander sleepwear; they turn around 45 million a year.

Indirect competitors: Toms (a one-for-one model solving their cause by donating product) or Who Gives A Crap would give the same feeling.


This innovation is made for…

Our target audience is young females (17-27) who make purchasing decisions based on design aesthetics and often look for something special in the brands or products they purchase. You’ll find them on Etsy, they sometimes buy from cult brands, they read Frankie, watch live music and get their daily news hit from twitter feeds or The Project. They are aware of the world’s problems and are interested in doing their part to help. ONS’s dedication to help solve the world’s issues is a part of the ‘something special’ for our audience.


It is available for sale through…

Our sales are currently available through online channels and we plan to make them available via retail stores later this year.

Our marketing strategy is to…

People will have the sense of finding us rather us finding them:

we work on getting our name out by word of mouth,
we make smart partnerships that benefit both brands,
we keep our independent vibe, creative that goes viral and
we will use social media like a boss.


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