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Mijura Task Management Software (NSW) – 2013 Anthill SMART 100


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This innovation came to life when…

After a particularly bad experience working in a team with multiple managers and conflicting instructions at a large corporation, Adam decided to create a simple solution. With the help of Prashant and Melissa, Mijura was born. We are a Sydney-based company that creates team and task management software to improve the productivity of businesses and teams.


The purpose of this innovation is to…

Make teamwork less stressful and more productive. It solves the problems of inefficiency and miscommunication between managers and team members in both physical and remote teams.

It does this by…

Providing a cloud-based platform to create, view, track progress and collaboration on tasks within a team. Key features include: individual priority lists, turning meeting minutes to tasks, file sharing, comments and notifications.


This innovation improves on what came before because…

Team collaboration traditionally happens via in-person meetings, Post-it notes/physical writing, or in remote teams via videos and email. These mediums are disparate and can get very confusing quickly in multi-people teams. Mijura seeks to put teamwork online in an intuitive manner so that work can be tracked and easy collaboration can be achieved.

The benefits to the customer/end-user include…

  • Team members get clarity on priorities so they know how to most efficiently use their time
  • Transparency: manager knows what team is working on
  • Easy collaboration between team members
  • Easy analysis of workflow data
  • Safe and secure information storage


In the past, this problem was solved by…

Emails back and forth, Post-its, notes, phone calls, or simply no proper communication at all which leads to misunderstanding and inefficiency.

Its predecessors/competitors include…

There are many different types of teamwork and task management software out there. Previous major players include Microsoft SharePoint, or simply email service providers. The cloud-based ‘software as a service’ approach is a new phenomenon of recent years.


This innovation is made for…

Small-to-medium-sized businesses, or smaller teams within large corporations, globally. In the US/UK/Australia alone, there are approximately 52 million businesses who could benefit from the efficiency that Mijura offers. The software is generalist and can be used by most industries for non-technical team collaboration across functions — i.e. not a specific workflow ticketing or IT tracking system or event management or developer tool, but good for general team collaboration.


It is available for sale through…

Our website (www.mijura.com), and other partners/listings (such as Google Apps marketplace and SkyDesktop).

Our marketing strategy is to…

Create strategic partnerships both online and off to reach SMEs, build a brand/presence, SEO/SEM and other online marketing activities.

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