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You know that feeling in your stomach after you sign a contract? That uneasy feeling that you could have got a better deal from a supplier? Well together Anthill Online and the guys at www.TeamBuying.club ,it’s now so easy to  team up with other local businesses and save on so many things. Things like say, your monthly stationery order or even office electricity or phones. Save $100’s when 40 or 50 businesses get  new Public Liability Cover together. Or how about 10 new Café Owners opening up across the State to concentrate their buying power and save $1000’s of a new Barista Machine. Leave it to the trusted expert Tiger Negotiators to do the work for you and the Group.

Remember, this is NOT like a Groupon or similar. You create the Team for the item you want. Perhaps its akin to say the Plumbers Union negotiating preferred pricing for members. However the Team Buying Club brings disparate parties together via the web. Read more below on this exciting new model, that is actually worth $Bn’s in China annually.

The Catch? Team buying Club actually only take a small percentage of what they save the group. So if they can save each member $1000 each of a product or service, then their cut is say $100. You still save $900, without lifting a finger. And they guarantee you will save more than negotiating yourself.

How Team Buying works

  1. A Team is created for a Product or Service that you or another business wants
  2. Join an existing group or start your own. It could be for almost ANYTHING !
  3. Often Teams or Groups require a small FULLY REFUNDABLE deposit of $30-$100 to show everyone is committed. You get your deposit back if we can’t get the Team a great deal. So its in our interests to build Teams too right?
  4. They Share their campaign with their Social Network. The Team Buying Club also often promotes Campaigns both with online Ads, our Database and across Business Publications to build team numbers
  5. The Campaign and Team building period ends and we get to work negotiating with multiple suppliers to get the best deal for the Team
  6. We present the best deal we could negotiate that meets the Teams guidelines
  7.  Every Team member saves much much more than negotiating alone
  8. You work out the finer details of your order with the supplier
  9. And if we can’t negotiate a amazing deal, you get your deposit back 100% !

Below are some current Teams at www.TeamBuying.club

And a great article of theirs on 5 Power Tips when negotiating with a Car Dealer