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Paul Ryan joined Australian Anthill Magazine as a features writer in May 2004 and was appointed Editor soon after. He has written scores of feature articles for Anthill Magazine, on diverse issues including digital media, innovation, venture capital, export, intellectual property, technology commercialisation and online strategy. During this time he has interviewed scores of prominent people, including Andrew Denton, Don Watson, Sabeer Bhatia (founder of Hotmail) and Sir Martin Evans (father of stem cell research). Paul presides over the development of Anthill’s web presence. He also blogs at http://1000shards.com. Follow him on Twitter: @PaulDRyan.

No one cares about you! Godin delivers some vital, unvarnished truth

The masses are turned on, tuned in and... thinking entirely of themselves. Seth Godin provides an important reality check for marketeers and businesses when considering exploring and exploiting the mass market appeal of modern media channels.

Michael Hewitt-Gleeson, School of Thinking

He worked with Edward De Bono teaching people to think, but Michael Hewitt-Gleeson has moved on from selling hats. He studied under George Gallup, but is now creating, rather than measuring, 'word of mouth'. He is a bestselling author, public speaker and 'paradigm-shifter'. This month, we honour Michael Hewitt-Gleeson as 'The Anthillian'.

Thank you for smoking (eh-hem)

Getting ready for work this morning, I was fortunate enough to catch this shard of radio gold: ABC News Radio's Marius Benson interviewing Imperial Tobacco Australia spokesperson Cathy Keogh about the Rudd Government's plan to mandate plain packaging on all cigarette packets sold in Australia.

Check out the new Twitter list of Anthill contributors

Anthill Magazine (in both its print and digital incarnations) has always had a rich and varied group of editorial contributors. In light of Twitter's newish lists feature - which allows users to compile and/or follow curated lists of Twitter users - we thought it was worth creating a list containing all of Anthill's regular contributors who are active on Twitter.

Rad BMX eBay listing reveals the power of a pithy sales pitch

If you've ever doubted the capacity of savvy marketing to transform an average product into the must-have slice of cool, check out this brilliant eBay campaign from early 2009.

The latest hot trend in social media: leaving it

It is perhaps inevitable then that the rise of social media has been accompanied by a counter-trend towards users abandoning it. Last year, when Twitter was the hot breakout platform, research revealed that 60% of Twitter users quit within the first month. Of course, that group was dominated by tyre-kickers, but it serves to demonstrate that people will only commit time to activities they think will return them a net benefit over time.

Remarkable mashup video pits pro athletes against average man in 40 yard dash

How would the average man fair in a 40-yard foot race against professional NFL players? This remarkable multi-layered video reveals the startling reality.

Alice In Wonderland on the iPad looks… enchanting

The iPad's lack of eye-friendly e-ink (found in specialised e-readers such as the Kindle or Sony Reader) has prompted many adult observers to conclude that it is not a serious reading device. But try telling your kids that it's unsuitable for reading once they've seen this clip of Alice In Wonderland on the iPad.

David Brent demonstrates the power of first impressions

If you've ever been a part of an organisation that has merged with another, you'll know that there's always at least one person who tries a little too hard to impress the newcomers. Take this effort from David Brent, Ricky Gervais's middle management anti-hero from The Office, as he welcomes 'the Swindon lot' to the fold.

Impressive Aquascript ambient advertising wows Parisian pedestrians

NGO Solidarités International and creative agency BDDP Unlimited marked the occasion of World Water Day with this innovative ambient display in the heart of Paris. These Aquascript water messages, designed to build awareness of the dangers of unclean drinking water globally, turned heads for a full week in the City of Light.

Third-party Twitter developers are toast [VIDEO]

Twitter has signalled that third-party Twitter services will soon get some new competition. From Twitter. In this video below, Loren Feldman from 138media delivers the unvarnished version as he sees it (as always).

Hotel, prison encourage guests to generate own energy via pedal power

You’ve heard of singing for your supper, but in this environmentally conscious age, institutions are now inviting patrons to pedal for privileges.

TED Talk: Happiness is but a memory

As illustrated in this talk from the Ted Conference held in California earlier this year, Nobel Prize-winning behavioural economist Daniel Kahneman has an intimate understanding of the complexity of experience and the tyranny that memory wields over the perpetual present. It's thought-provoking subject matter with profound implications for the way we perceive and pursue happiness, both in ourselves and with those around us.

Power business networking, Japanese style

If you've ever attended a networking event and been introduced to someone who spends the next few minutes looking over your shoulder at who else he/she could be talking to, know that it could be worse. You could have Professor Himonya's undivided attention.

1980s video game characters destroy New York with SFX [VIDEO]

Patrick Jean from the French SFX studio OneMoreProd created this video of Manhattan being destroyed by the world's favourite 1980s 8-Bit video game sprites. Awesome effects. But do you recognise them all?

The most intelligent uses of Twitter accounts from around the world, in one place

Clever Accounts (@CleverAccounts) tweets about interesting and intelligent uses of Twitter from around the web. The feed is taken from Clever Accounts' Posterous blog, which carries the apt tagline: Twitterers that make you say, "Now I get it!"

Amazing business card ninja [VIDEO]

This guy should star in Kill Bill 3. But he would be more effective working for Joel. We're guessing the out-takes run considerably longer than this clip.

Website of the Week: What would you do for a Fiverr?

After learning of Fiverr's existence, I figured it was going to be jokey. And, indeed, there are some humorous "gigs" (see examples). However, Fiverr is a serious commercial site -- it's brimming with legitimate postings by service providers who are deadly serious about completing the jobs they offer (the site facilitates the transaction). It's quite remarkable how much work some people will do for US$5.

Video snippets of startup pollenization at work

Our friends at Pollenizer, which has emerged as the fertile hub of Sydney's happening web startup scene, have launched a great new initiative to showcase the hive of activity that is Pollenizer HQ in Surrey Hills. On Fridays (starting two weeks ago), Mick Liubinskas thrusts his Flip camera in the face of colleagues and connected entrepreneurs, inviting them to share a little about the projects they're working on.

David Bussau: The economics of enough

David Bussau is all too familiar with the concepts of under-privilege, survival and dignity. He spent much of his childhood in a New Zealand boys' home, an experience that taught him the value of lateral thinking and risk-taking as a means of survival. But unlike many people born into a position of disadvantage, Bussau has been able to turn the tables, achieving the lofty status of self-made multi-millionaire by the age of 35 and changing the lives of countless individuals, families and communities in the process.
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