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PromiseLocker (NSW) – 2013 Anthill SMART 100


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This innovation came to life when…

Myself and three friends made a promise that we would lose weight and get fit. We set a date and some goals and trained our hearts out. We told all of our friends. After four months we had lost 27kg between us and each of us had competed in a sport we had never tried before. We achieved our goals because we had publicly stated our promises, monitored our progress and were motivated not to fail in front of our friends. I thought that if recording promises could work for us, it could work for anyone and any promise.


The purpose of this innovation is to…

Help people keep their promises and improve their life. It also allows promises made by others (e.g. politicians, companies or celebrities) to be recorded so that anyone can monitor their progress.

It does this by…

Allowing people to record promises online and then providing tools to track progress, share with their networks and comment. PromiseLocker uses crowdsourcing to record promises that are in the public interest so that the community as a whole can benefit.


This innovation improves on what came before because…

Too often promises are forgotten. We think that people will keep more promises if they are recorded and shared. It’s a powerful motivator to know that others are watching your progress. Some single-purpose websites or apps allow you to record ‘fitness’-type promises but PromiseLocker allows you to record any type of promise, even promises made by other people.

The benefits to the customer/end-user include…

Improve your life by setting and achieving goals.
Allow your network of friends to support your goals.
Crowd-source promises made by politicians, sports stars and companies
Ensure that those who make promises are accountable.



In the past, this problem was solved by…

making a promise verbally and then hoping that someone remembered it. To review promises made by politicians it was necessary to search multiple newspapers and online sites. This could take days…..

Its predecessors/competitors include…

  • Telling a friend
  • Keeping it to yourself
  • Forums, blogs, Facebook, etc. (but without any promise-specific functions)
  • Lift (only available for iPhone)
  • Politifact (relies on journalists sourcing political promises, when they can be bothered)


This innovation is made for…

  • Anyone with an interest in achieving their own goals or ensuring that others deliver on their commitments
  • People interested in weight loss, fitness, education, lifestyle improvement, work progression
  • Political organisations, unions, environmental groups, lobby groups
  • Charities (for fundraising commitments)
  • Parents, teachers, sports coaches, athletes


It is available for sale through…

Online now at www.promiselocker.com. PromiseLocker is integrated with Facebook so many people will discover it via their Facebook feed. Each action on PromiseLocker (e.g. record, share, comment, like etc.) generates a Facebook post. Each promise can be distributed virally.

Our marketing strategy is to…

Insert PromiseLocker into important news stories as they occur. For example, we launched days before the Western Australian state election and challenged all of the election candidates to record their promises on PromiseLocker. We organised for 6PR radio presenter Howard Sattler to challenge the Opposition leader on-air to record his promises; thus PromiseLocker became part of the election story.


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