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Have smart phone mapping apps made street signs redundant? Now, there’s a new type of sign [VIDEO]


If you’re not sure where you’re going, chances are, you pull out your smart phone.

Within a few simple taps, you know where you are, relative to where you need to be.

Easy. You may look at the street signs to make sure you’re on track, but, you don’t need to.
You can just follow a glowing dot to the interrobang that is your destination.

Enter Points.

It may look like a normal street sign but it’s a bit more than that. It’s directional pointers can move to point to different things in the vicinity. It is also connected to social media platforms including Twitter and Foursquare, along with RSS feeds. This means it will point to where things are that are being discussed online.

It is, in essence, an interactive, multi-directional street sign.

It features an interactive menu that changes throughout the day to reflect what is going on. In the evenings it may show the latest show, sporting event or direct you to the hottest restaurant in town.

Besides being used in cities, other applications of the sign include at public transport stations, at events and conferences. For example, the sign can point to where various acts are showing at a music festival.

It’s elegant and simple. Deceptively so. The technology to make Points has taken three years to develop by company Breakfast, known for designing intriguing technologies.

The patent is pending.

Currently only available in the U.S., but Points could be coming to a street corner near you, very soon.

Points – The most advanced directional sign on Earth