Home Awards Anthill’s Smart 100: Readers’ Choice Awards (2013)

Anthill’s Smart 100: Readers’ Choice Awards (2013)


They embody the passions of earnest inventors and the dreams of budding business builders. They are the products of industries both old and new, from organisations large and small.

They are the spoils of skunkworks and represent the rigours of R&D. Above all else, they sure have a lot of friends!

The Readers’ Choice Index was created to provide an opportunity for Anthill readers to vote on SMART 100 applications, in one of three ways:

  1. Tweet it: Top left of each page (3 points)
  2. Trigger a Reaction: Facebook ‘Like’, etc (2 points)
  3. Leave a Comment: Anonymous comments excluded (1 points)

At the conclusion of the Readers’ Choice component, we promised to tally up the results and create an Index according to the votes of our readers. And here they are!

And the 2013 Readers’ Choice are…

Protein Bread 526
Anecsys Translation 510
Employment Hero 449
Surfing Online (Sport) 393
iSwimtoo 335
Perfect South: Australian Green Tea 307
Promise Locker 279
Bent Over Snozzle 253
Track Your Impact 225
Housenet 196
The Online Project Empire 187
It’s That Easy: Online Marketing 161
DirtGirl World 161
Tapestry 159
Controlabill 150
Workiible 149
TriggerApp 124
Make Me A Star 123
League of Extraordinary Women 122
Airtasker 122
Sportaroo 121
Re-Timer 119
Open Learning Platform 110
GiggedIn 110
Airspaced 105
Lexis Nexis Red 100
ChairBoard 96
Clingons 91
Sentis Safety Observation Tool 72
BWorkFlow 71
Kounta 68
rdrt.it 66
QuickFire 65
Recruit Loop 61
Pokitpal 61
Evado 57
DesignCrowd 55
Instafit 50
Infiniti 50
Langoor Moobi 49
FirstGold 47
Coresafe 47
Easoto 45
BlazeCloud 42
Social Property 39
Livestock 38
Inproperty 35
ChargeIQ 32
Virtual DBA 31
Fat Zebra 31
Student Rooms 30
Dazzle Strands Hair Embellishments 28
Feedback Loop 27
Posturesure Trifoam 26
Poolcar 26
On Yer Bike 24
Mystery Bank 21
Token One 13
With One Voice 19
Traddie Connect 19
Sign Afe Kids Car Id 18
Thermodynamic Solar Hot Water 17
Geomite Tidal Windpower 16
FreshPak 14
Ecopillow 12
Provisio 11
Lean Prototyping 10
Squizzd 7
Buffed 7
Ollo Mobile 6
Eddisse Watch 6
McLowd 6
Food Orbit 6
Digital Sorbet 5
Venture Technology 3
uChair 3
Geepers 3
Virtual Display Home 2
Bean Hunter 0
Galaxc 0
Platformation 0
Informaly Content Analytics 0
Subscription Pet Food Delivery 0
Online English Pronunciation Training 0
The Suggestion Place 0
Passport2Fitness 0
Mijura Task Management 0
SoundGecko 0
SMSF Property – Lending 0
Liquidation and Online Bankruptcy 0
Adventure Honey 0
Maths Pathway 0
Yuk Kids Child Safety 0
Babychic Cotton Pram Liner 0
Gem Networking 0
Connect Talent 0
AllSportz 0
BikeRoar 0
Clutterfi 0
Good Funny Smart 0
AboutPain 0
One Night Stand Sleepwear 0
EnterpriseMO 0
HyperBusiness Questions App 0

How did we do it and why was it done this way?

Let’s be frank. Readers’ Choice Awards are usually conducted for two reasons.

The first is to provide readers with a voice. This is obviously a good thing. It takes the decision making process away from a few and gives it to many.

The second is to raise awareness. In our world, that could also be interpreted to mean, ‘get more traffic’.

As such, we acknowledge that many award programs often end up becoming (for want of a better description) media sanctioned popularity contests. And with acknowledgement comes acceptance.

So, rather than rail against this hard fact (Oh, the inequity!), we decided to ignore our internal cynics (the ones in our brains, not just the ones in our office) and reward voters according to the effort they put in to reach their own networks.

That’s right, we empowered our entrants to kick start the marketing for us.

And, to state the obvious, if success is built on marketing flair (even partially), our readers’ favourites are likely to have a bright future.

To see how they ranked according to our maven judges, click here.