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SMART 100 2016 Winners Revealed!

Source: Newsweek

They’re innovative, Australian, highly commercial and they’re changing the world, one idea at a time.

Yes, it’s time to reveal this year’s SMART 100 index. The maven judges have cast their votes and their combined wisdom has unveiled a truly remarkable winner.

This year’s overall winner has created a mobile app that utilizes artificial intelligence technology to help visually impaired people identify the world around them.

Congratulations, Aipoly!

And the winners are…



TOP10 TrademarkVision
TOP10 Fovio driver monitoring system (DMS)
TOP10 Fully Booked Tradies System
TOP10 MailGuard Hybrid Al (Artificial Intelligence)
TOP10 Progressclaim.com
TOP10 Pet Health Centres
TOP10 Nev House
TOP10 Quizling – the quiz game
TOP10 Coldscreen Cold Weather Protection
TOP20 The Safety Compass
TOP20 Tilt-Interactive Mobile Marketing
TOP20 RadFrame
TOP20 Stentrode
TOP20 billsumo
TOP20 The Reserve Bench
TOP20 Foxley
TOP20 iVvy Marketplace
TOP20 Terrane Adapt 70L Pack
TOP20 I’ll Pay
TOP50 Mozo Energy Comparison Tool
TOP50 With One Voice
TOP50 Ephox Cognitive Content
TOP50 Sittr
TOP50 Wine Squirrel
TOP50 Survive Drive
TOP50 Immersive Simulation Based First Aid Training
TOP50 Jacobi Storyboard
TOP50 Scorish
TOP50 Fleetsu Safety
TOP50 Shippit Smart Delivery Management System
TOP50 iBoss NBN aggregation platform
TOP50 EasyCompanies
TOP50 Literacy Planet
TOP50 Xcursion
TOP50 Jobs Shared – job sharing platform
TOP50 On-Demand Grocery Delivery
TOP50 businessDEPOT
TOP50 MoorMe
TOP50 Sciosity
TOP50 FundX
TOP50 AdAdvisor
TOP50 CloudeNotes
TOP50 WineMinder
TOP50 Your Digital File
TOP50 iCompLii
TOP50 Lexis Draft
TOP50 Fonebox’s Reporting Platform
TOP50 Cortex
TOP50 ANECSYS Translate
TOP100 quint™ app
TOP100 followit
TOP100 Boppl
TOP100 theright.fit
TOP100 TokenOne Authentication
TOP100 HowAboutEat
TOP100 Dogshare
TOP100 Teacher Think Tank
TOP100 Data Creative
TOP100 Self Employment Assessment and Pathway (Selfie)
TOP100 Event Workforce
TOP100 Shopping Links
TOP100 SMART Connect Alliance
TOP100 JAGONAL the office space search engine
TOP100 Your Greatest Work
TOP100 Banjo Score™
TOP100  The Original Retro Photo Booth Series
TOP100  I Forgive You Mobile App
TOP100 Memory Services for the Funeral Industry
TOP100 Umbrella Anchor
TOP100 Rosterfy
TOP100 The GlobalX “PEXA Ready” solution
TOP100 EMMA: Enhanced Metadata Management App
TOP100 Match My Ride
TOP100 FEAT group
TOP100 Health Focused Design
TOP100 Crowdfunding Optimisation
TOP100 DeveloperHUB
TOP100 My SMSF Super Platform
TOP100 Marketlend
TOP100 Dorsal Shark Reports
TOP100 Housemate Ninja
TOP100 Koobee
TOP100 CapHat
TOP100 Red Pants Mobile Website BUILDER
TOP100 Avocado Time Machine
TOP100 The Safety Compass
TOP100 Ideocial
TOP100 MoneyMe
TOP100 Eveeh – Australia’s first electric car rental service
TOP100 GO1 Learning Management System
TOP100 Pickcell
TOP100 Goosefoot Healthfoods
TOP100 Fan App
TOP100 Osler Clinical Performance
TOP100 MyMoney


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