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Cool commercial creativity and the lighter side of business.

Hug it out! Viral ad bring goodwill to previously bad behaving sportsmen [VIDEO]

In the U.S., Foot Locker kicked off a week long sale with this ad. It delivers the line that, during this week of greatness, the...

Design unveiled for spectacular eco-friendly Chinese sports stadium

Sports stadiums have typically been Colosseum-type structures, designed to leave an imposing mark on the landscape. However, as reported in the excellent sustainable design blog Inhabitat, Los Angeles-based NBBJ Architects have turned the stadium concept on its head with this proposed design for China's new Dalian Shide Stadium.

How to win Coles Egg Racer game. Prepare for a beat-up!

The app is a rare example of an Aussie brand developing a promotion exclusively for iPhone users. I'm talking about the development of an actual application, rather than the increasingly passe trend of giving an iPhone away as a prize. Or, strangely, giving iPhone users free access to Twitter and making a big fuss about it.

In search of a tagline, offers the Twittersphere a $1,000 prize

To coincide with today's relaunch of the website, Sherlock and his team are inviting Twitter users to suggest a tagline for their online car rental platform. The author of the winning tweet tagline (twagline?) as chosen by Oodles staff will receive $1,000 cash.

We think this Volkswagen commercial is Forcing it a bit. What say you? [VIDEO]

We find it amusing that uberbaddie Darth Vader would be chosen by Volkswagen to serve as the hero in this commercial for the 2012 Passat. Not only that, but they slap the cape and helmet on a kid who's, what? Five? Six? What say you? Inspired commercial creativity or the lowest form of pandering?

The best seven Super Bowl ads for 2014 [VIDEO]

I won't pretend that I'm interested in the Super Bowl. I'm not. At least I'm honest about it. I am, however, interested in which companies...

Apple dispenses with Macbook keyboard

A recent ONN story broke news that Apple was replacing keyboards on its popular Macbook range a big iPod-like scroll wheel. (video embedded below).

The Ultimate Product Placement: 321 Water makes the leap from SMART 100 to…The Hunger...

Sure enough, audiences flocking to see the futuristic teen blockbuster, which has been raking in revenues right and left, were able to verify a cameo appearance by the water container in the sleek, hyper-sanitary control room scenes of the film. 321 Water founder Gretha Oost, who has not yet seen the film, said she was "blown away" when she heard about the sighting.

What is it that’s so appealing about science and auto-tune mashups?

What is it that's so appealing about science and auto-tune mashups? Could it be the inherent fashion-sensibilities of the global science community? (Deep down, you just know that skivvies and elbow patches are cool.) Could it be the eyeball popping special-effects that seem to accompany most lessons on matters of quantum? (Science lessons and acid-house, rave parties might actually have more in common than you think.) Or could it be the melodic appeal of words like sub-atomic?

Nando's taps into gossip fatigue with 'Bingle-free zone' promo

Chicken restaurant chain Nando's Australia is hoping to cash in on the Bingle-Clarke-breakup-saga zeitgeist with this latest promo declaring all Nando's outlets 'Bingle-free zones'.

Remarkable mashup video pits pro athletes against average man in 40 yard dash

How would the average man fair in a 40-yard foot race against professional NFL players? This remarkable multi-layered video reveals the startling reality.

Apple blocks Japanese porn king Eugene’s road to riches

Eugene Lin's ambition of becoming a millionaire 70 cents at a time has been thwarted by Apple's removal of 5,000 apps deemed to contain overtly sexual content -- apparently in response to user complaints -- thus removing the entire Peekaboo suite.

The Evolution of Business Movies, Part 2: Network

Click around the tube and it is apparent that big business and TV have become inseparable. The nightly news is no longer one anchorman in a suit looking down the camera, delivering the daily doom and gloom. Production value, scandal and celebrity are now the tools used to drive up ratings, strengthen shares, and make the news profitable. Such a world was first prophesied in the 1976 classic Network.

Salty Banksy goodness: skills, method and medium [VIDEO]

Normally when we say something is a little salty at Anthill, we're referring to the use of certain, shall we say, creative words. Words that may make your mum blush; or they may not. It depends on your mum. But in this video, salt takes on a whole new meaning. It becomes the most astonishing artistic medium.

Online game lets you slap a corporate fat cat

American and European banking executives have been on the receiving end of far greater public criticism than here in Australia. And for the most part, it has been well-earned. Tapping into this anger, online games site has used the recently passed US stimulus package as the premise for a new flash game entitled Trillion Dollar Bailout.

The new Snickers ad is setting the workmen amongst the feminists; and possibly upsetting...

You know the Snickers ads - the ones where you're not yourself when you're hungry. The latest Snickers ad goes one step further and, it's...

Ant Bytes — AA10

Bill Delves is a partner with Ernst & Young and head of the firms Emerging Growth Markets Group. He is also national leader of...

A comprehensive guide on how to go about SEO on WordPress – keywords and...

WordPress and SEO-these two terms are gradually taking over the Internet in the context of an era when rank-based profit is growing an insane popularity.

The forgotten art of poetry and what it can do to stop bullying [VIDEO]

Like so very many people, Shane Koyczan had a rotten time at school. His life was filled the the taunts of bullies. There was...

What if Apple Maps were used in the Hunger Games? [VIDEO]

The challenges presented by Apple Maps on the iPhone 5 has brought some damn fine parody to light. Consider this. What if Apple Maps had been used in the Hunger Games?


How To Grow Your Business and Profits with Jason Cunningham [CHEAT...

Recorded guerrilla-style in the basement of York Butter Factory, the linked video course is a rollicking, authoritative lesson (with some colourful language, mind you) from someone who has been through it all. In this Cheat Sheet, we cover three hot tips from the lesson, with a focus on helping business owners grow and increase profitability: Why entrepreneurs need to think about “the end," why cash flow is king – no matter what you’ve heard, and why you need to have a vision for success.



New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...