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It’s still not too late to buy me a Christmas present [VIDEO]


All gifts can be presented (pun intended) at Anthill HQ. If you’re stuck for ideas of what to get me, here’s a suggestion.

It looks like a retro lamp from the 1950s. You know, the ones that vintage stores sell for about $400. But, this is no ordinary lamp.

Behaving more like the animated lamp that is the Pixar branding, this is a lamp that is ‘alive’. Pinokio, or Lamp, is a remarkable exploration between the expressive and behavioural potential of robotic computing. Lamp is aware of its environment, people and does not like to be switched off.

And, I think I want one. I can see massive potential as a toy to freak the hell out of any passing cat.

Pinokio | Lamp

Pinokio | Lamp from Shanshan on Vimeo.

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