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How deep is your love? I really need to know, because we’re living in a world of smart phones [VIDEO]


Has it really come to this? A smack down at a wedding to promote a smart phone?

But, more to the point, is this going to make customers switch handsets?

Once you’re made a commitment to a handset and, thus, a platform you’ve made an investment.
You’ve bought apps you can’t live without. You’ve downloaded music and movies. You’ve probably also bought apps you wish hadn’t.
But, it’s a commitment.

Let’s face it, for some, it’s the most serious commitment in life that they’ve made to date.

This ad for the Nokia Windows phone is most likely going to work for those who swing – the ones who’ve not made a commitment already. And, to the haters for iPhone and Android. But, you know, haters gonna hate!

Switch to the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows phone

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