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The forgotten art of poetry and what it can do to stop bullying [VIDEO]


Like so very many people, Shane Koyczan had a rotten time at school.

His life was filled the the taunts of bullies. There was violence mixed in the words. But whoever said ‘stick and stones can break my bones but, words will never hurt me’ was never a victim of bullying.

Koyczan is now a poet. I think that as a society, we often overlook the beauty and power of poetry. I studied poetry at university. Trust me, that sucked the joy out of reading poetry for me. But, I’m now rethinking that position.

In this amazingly powerful animated video, Koyczan reads one of his poems about being bullied at school. It is about those who survive yet still carry that haunting feeling from the bullies at school.

This video forms part of a campaign to increase the awareness of bullying.

Watch it. Share it.

To this day project – Shane Koyczan