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Welcome home, flyers. Here’s some Iggy Pop, courtesy of T Mobile

OK, when's the last time a mobile-phone carrier made you feel all warm and cuddly inside? Never? Yeah, us, too. With its latest advert, T Mobile UK does its doggonedest to change that.

The new Snickers ad is setting the workmen amongst the feminists; and possibly upsetting...

You know the Snickers ads - the ones where you're not yourself when you're hungry. The latest Snickers ad goes one step further and, it's...

Space, the final frontier. Has the Higgs boson made warp drives a possibility? [VIDEO]

I have to admit, I'm pleased that the Higgs boson is headline news around the world. Who would have thought that everyone would get so excited about science, about physics? So, why is this really so very cool? Not only is this discovery awesome, but it opens up a whole new world of invention.

Accidents waiting to happen or people being amazing? [VIDEO]

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. How do people know they can do this kind of stuff? In this compilation video from Stunts Amazing, all kinds of amazing human feats happen. And yes, in many instances, they are also probably accidents waiting to happen. But, it's the dogged determination and possibly the ability to abandon the possible risks involved that makes these people so amazing. Sounds rather like the character traits of an entrepreneur, doesn't it?

New tool for innovators looking for grants

Design Victoria today launched Transform Your Design Business, an online guide that aims to equip designers with the know-how to successfully navigate the grants space and write strong grant applications.

The year in review, seen through Google’s unblinking eye

In what we assume is intended to become a tradition, Google has assembled its annual 'Zeitgeist' video, chronicling major global events, as seen through the eyes of Google (and YouTube). If you're able to keep your inner cynic contained, the clip is masterfully assembled, with a flair for the dramatic that would make even the most hardened movie-trailer editor shed a tear in his popcorn.

Entrepreneurs’ Night Out (BRISBANE)

Entrepreneurs' Night Out is on in Brisbane for a round of meeting and mingling. Share a drink. Have a laugh. And most importantly, help...

Old Spice adopts new approach to FMCG marketing

If you haven't already watched the commercial below, you're about to see what is already being described as one of the best brand re-launches of all time. It deservedly won the Film grand prix at the Cannes Lions and is now being praised, far and wide, for the way its creators Wieden + Kennedy have extended the reach of the campaign to embrace social media.

Anthill's Top 10 Most Brainless Consumer Products (Part #1)

Because it's Friday (and Beer O'Clock is nigh), we thought it might be fun to assemble Anthill's Top 10 Most Brainless Consumer Products. We made it to five before our thirst became too great. So, we're delegating the remaining five to you!

Hey, sweet video! Now, will you hire me? Five of the best (and worst)...

Innovative businesses know they need to use innovative means to attract innovative talent. Prompted by Twitter's recent foray into viral video recruitment, we decided to assemble five of our favourite recruitment videos from the not too distant past (including those that are so bad, they're kind of good).

iPhone loses ground to Android, Symbian and BlackBerry. Will this cause an 'almighty stink'...

In a development that's unlikely to be nearly as amusing as a toilet flush simulator, iPhone is losing ground to its competitors, likely to heighten rivalry between hardware and app developers alike. We've already seen how an almighty stink can arise over iPhone app developers. Take the case of Pull My Finger versus iFart.

Don’t build houses when you can grow them… out of meat!

In this typically thought provoking TED talk, architect and ecologist Mitchell Joachim shares some of his recent experiments 'growing' houses out of trees and... meat! Imagine using animal fat for insulation and "sphincter muscles for doors and windows".

99designs launches template logo store offering customisation and 24-hour turn around for $99

Australian-based online crowdsourcing design service 99designs today launched a new logo store. The concept is pretty simple -- you chose a template from the gallery of 4,500+ templates and 99designs' designers swap in your organisation's name and deliver you a high resolution and web ready version within 24 hours, for $99.

Apple blocks Japanese porn king Eugene’s road to riches

Eugene Lin's ambition of becoming a millionaire 70 cents at a time has been thwarted by Apple's removal of 5,000 apps deemed to contain overtly sexual content -- apparently in response to user complaints -- thus removing the entire Peekaboo suite.

World's most litigious man sues Guinness Book of World Records

Jonathan Lee Riches is unhappy about being labeled the world's most litigious person. So much so that he is suing the Guinness Book of World Records.

Remember, it’s not how hard you hit, it’s about being inspirational (and a complete...

Here at Stately Anthill Manor, we cast far and wide for inspirational words that will lift you from that cash-poor, idea-bereft funk and propel you once again on your entrepreneurial path. And as this clip of Johnny "The Greek Mystique" Sarhanis proves, we also have no shame.

New research has found that most Aussies lie about their spending habits [VIDEO]

New research, commissioned by money expert and author of ‘The Breakfast Club for 40-Somethings’ Vanessa Stoykov, reveals that only 43% of Australians are honest when they talk to their loved ones about their spending habits.

New basin-toilet design combines water saving and aesthetic style

The award winning W+W is an L-shaped single unit toilet sink all-in-one system with a stunning minimalist design. Developed by the Roca Innovation Lab and designed by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti.

Does Schrödinger’s Cat apply to business? Think about it for too long and you...

Schrödinger's Cat is a very famous thought experiment based on quantum physics. This two-minute video will give a quick overview of the theory behind...

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