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Awesome Japanese shop window installation

Those Japanese know how to do shop windows with class. Check out this breath of fresh air -- a Maison Hermès installation by Tokujin Yoshioka.

When did science get to be so damn sexy? [VIDEO]

Not that I'm complaining. But, really? When did it become cool to be a science nerd? There was a distinct moment in the past few months, where science became sexy. Perhaps many people are now ok with channelling their inner Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

Impressive Aquascript ambient advertising wows Parisian pedestrians

NGO Solidarités International and creative agency BDDP Unlimited marked the occasion of World Water Day with this innovative ambient display in the heart of Paris. These Aquascript water messages, designed to build awareness of the dangers of unclean drinking water globally, turned heads for a full week in the City of Light.

Whatever you do, don’t make a video about your business like this one [VIDEO]

But, sadly, many businesses are. In fact, if you watch any commercial television today, chances are, you'll see an ad that follows this formula. Why?...

There are only 25 things to hate about Facebook? Really? I have more [VIDEO]

A self-made YouTube celebrity, Julian Smith has just 25 things that he hates about Facebook. I make it a much higher number. How about you?

Ant Bytes — AA17

If you've ever received an invitation to a wedding being held interstate or overseas, you'll know that sharing the love can be expensive and time consuming. But with technology doing more and more of our leg work these days, more palatable options were bound to emerge.

Cool Award winner carves up iTunes charts with 'Ask the Butcher' iPhone app

Protein One, winner of the Commercial Creativity Award at the 2009 Anthill Cools for its Ask The Butcher creative campaign, unexpectedly stormed up the iTunes charts over the holidays with its 'Ask The Butcher' iPhone App.

Mass trouser drop at Melbourne train station a stunt for underwear by mail

Train commuters in Melbourne no doubt started scouring the environs for hidden cameras earlier this month as an epidemic of trouser-dropping broke out around them. Up and down the platform, even in the trains themselves, men and women peeled off their pants, proudly exposing their underwear and, generally, pale legs. Was it a flashing flash mob? Mass hypnosis? An initiation stunt for a gender-neutral school fraternity? No, no and no. This boxer rebellion was carefully staged publicity for The Pantless Postman.

There's never been a safer time to live on the planet

The world is living through an unprecedented phenomenon, the decline of War, according to Edward Luttwak, former advisor to the White House Chief of Staff, who will be one of 35 speakers Melbourne this September for the inaugural Creative Innovation 2010 conference.

Pizza … mmm … Pizza: the beauty of efficient delivery in motion [VIDEO]

I'm still not completely sure why pizza can be the most awesome thing to eat, but sometimes, it just is. Usually when the pizza arrives, the last thing you think about before you tuck in, is how it got to be there.

Online game spammers ambushed by virtual cops

Underground spam companies are infiltrating popular online games, such as World of Warcraft, by hiring players to accrue and sell virtual possessions of in-game value, such as swords and potions. It’s a new frontier, and the authorities are fighting back, sending virtual detectives into these games to police such activity.

Now, this guy knows how to apply for a job!

The following clip takes the job application process to another level. The work of a Monash student and aspiring Junior Project Manager, it was submitted to Pollenizer and posted for all to see on YouTube. It was soon after spotted by MitchelLake and posted on the recruitment outfit's homepage. What's the moral of the story?

Political searches dominated Google last week. But which names were the fastest rising?

Twenty-four hours in politics is a long time in search. According to Google, the 24 hours following Julia Gillard's ascension to the top political spot saw millions flocking to online media reports, watching press conferences streamed live online, tweeting ferociously - and searching for everything we can find out about this long and remarkable day in Australian politics. But which names were the fastest rising?

Ruslan Kogan hits back at Gerry Harvey with satirical advertisement

Funny? Hypocritical? Pure viral marketing gold? That's for you to decide. What's more interesting about this public spat is the underlying question it raises. What drives consumers -- expensive television advertisements to establish trust and, therefore, create the ability to sell products at a premium price or the opportunity to purchase online at discount rate?

MIT students develop 'Gaydar' software to out social networkers

Two MIT students have developed software that uses an algorithm to analyse friendship associations on Facebook and predict whether users are gay.

Win an awesome Seagate NAS server [COMPETITION]

How would your business cope if your IT system crashed and you lost all your data? If you could get access to all your...

Do you need funding? Or advice? Or a TechCrunch announcement that you got funding?...

So, you're seeking growth capital? Well, whatever you do, try not to sound like these guys, from everyone's favourite satirical startup, Vooza. How to get...

An embargo on PR embargoes (and all that)

This one will be unfamiliar to many readers, but sheesh it struck a chord with the Anthill editorial desk. PRs take note: the game has changed.

It’ll be done when it’s done! The mantra of every good code pig [VIDEO]

Without them, all digital startups are nothing. That's right, I'm talking about the techs. Ruby on Rails or PHP? Oh, it's the big questions that are not answered in this video.

Anthill goes global and causes some serious outrage. (C’mon! What’s in a name? Really!?)

You may have already caught wind that something major is afoot at Anthill. Over the past few weeks, we've watched 200 Anthillians happily rampage through...



Five essential ingredients for a humming homepage with James Tuckerman [FREE...

Most homepages dedicate too much of their valuable space to predictable and generally unhelpful information, such as the purpose of the business, their products and services, their achievements and needy invitations to ‘buy, buy, buy’ or ‘contact us for a free consultation on no obligation quote’. Effective homepages focus on the needs and wants of the customer.


New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...