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A bra that can detect breast cancer [VIDEO]


When cancer cells in the body first mutate and begin to grow, our bodies adapt to the change. Our bodies grow new networds of blood vessels to help these new cells growing.

It is this simple, yet fundamental piece of knowledge that has lead to a break through in the early detection of breast cancer. As blood runs through this new network of blood vessels, there is a detectable and measurable change in the heat of breast tissue.

Trials have found that the First Warning System bra is 90% effective in detecting this early change in breast tissue. This can occur in the first three years of having cancerous cells in the body. Often, it is not until eight to ten years later, that a detectable tumour can be found via a mammogram or MRI.

One million women around the world will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. Around 400,000 women will die from breast cancer.

As with all cancers, early detection is the key to survival.

This remarkable invention may pave the way for making breast cancer history.

First Warning Systems BSE bra – early cancer detecting bra