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Australian exports underground, hydro-therapy treadmill… for camels?


Some stories of commercial creativity and innovation simply make you feel proud to be Australian.

This is one of them.

HydroCo has been designing and manufacturing Hydrotherapy equipment since 1998, exporting to over 50 countries. It has supplied many of the world’s leading spas, ships, hotels and wellness centres including Ritz Carlton’s, Queen Mary 2, Beverly Hills Hotel, St Andrews Golf resort and no less than seven hotels on the Vegas Strip.

In 2007 and 2008, after experiencing a major down-turn in North American sales (yes, HydroCo was also ‘splashed’ by the GFC), the company decided to explore new opportunities outside of the spa business that would enable HydroCo to establish new sources of revenue.

Post operative and injury rehabilitation for humans became a logical growth area. Replacement knee and hip surgery had emerged into a formidable industry as it became more accessible to more people. Plus, the aging Australian population made rehabilitative uses of HydroCo’s technology appealing.

HydroCo soon introduced its PhysioPool range, featuring an underwater treadmill (which is now also installed in Physio practices and professional sports clubs worldwide).

Then, things got really interesting.

HydroCo expanded its treadmill range to include products for dogs and horses. (Its product for horses is called ‘ThoroughTread’. Boom-cha!) Of course, people also race Camels, right? And during racing, Camels suffer from injury in the same way as race horses do!

And here it is; an Australian-made underwater treadmill for camels.