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David Bussau: The economics of enough

David Bussau is all too familiar with the concepts of under-privilege, survival and dignity. He spent much of his childhood in a New Zealand boys' home, an experience that taught him the value of lateral thinking and risk-taking as a means of survival. But unlike many people born into a position of disadvantage, Bussau has been able to turn the tables, achieving the lofty status of self-made multi-millionaire by the age of 35 and changing the lives of countless individuals, families and communities in the process.

This week’s Anthillian: Prof Murray Gillin

Professor Emeritus Murray Gillin has spent the majority of his adult life championing the importance of entrepreneurship. He has taught it. He has studied it. And despite a career largely in academia, he has lived it, pioneering a range of entrepreneurial endeavours, including the world's first masters degree in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Vodafone-Hutchison merger is good news for competition

Yesterday's announcement that Vodafone and 3 will merge in Australia bodes well for the industry, according to telecommunications analyst, Paul Budde. Sometimes it makes...

Letter from China | China, one scoop at a time

Shanghai. You would think that in China - with its growing power base, its population of more than 1.4bn people and its status as a...

How to create advertising that compels people to buy

Every business owner in the world knows the expression, "I know half my advertising is wasted, I just don't know which half." For the...

New web service matches bushfire victims to temporary housing

Creative agency Sputnik has created Bushfire Housing, a free web service that enables people to post and find offers of temporary accommodation for Victorians who are now homeless. It's an incredibly useful service as it provides needed relief right now in a way that money can not. If you live in Victoria and have spare room at your place, consider offering it as a temporary billet.

EXCLUSIVE: Spellr.us, the digital spell-checker, comes out of beta, offers pricing plans

News just in that Spellr.us, the website spell-checking service created by Sydney-based digital media company Melon Media, cast aside its beta training wheels this afternoon and launched to the public.

Window on the future: online video in Asia

The very conditions that make Asia such a disruptive market for consumer behaviour - lax copyright, fast broadband, urban youth subcultures, advanced mobile devices - are also fast becoming global trends. As the rest of the world joins the party, you can rest assured, the future of TV will not be far behind.

Letter from China | Meetings – how many will it take?

The term "losing face" is big in China. Mistakes are a blight on someone's reputation and must be hidden and protected at all times. Truth and foresight can be impaired if "face" is involved. It supersedes all other qualities and motives.

Victorian Government launches online Business Loan Finder

The Victorian Government has launched a free online service to help Australian SMEs navigate the maze of business loans on offer.

Digging For Gold

It’s no coincidence that those old-time miners, enduring the elements and living with uncertainty in their quest for gold, have a lot in common...

Website of the Week: Don’t buy – save your cash and rent at Rentoid.com

While Rentoid contains the everyday items you'd expect to see listed (chainsaws, ladders, laptop computers, air conditioners, etc.) there are also some deliciously oddball items. You can rent an island, sports cars, private jets, a unicycle, a driveway, a full-size wrestling ring, an R2D2 projector, even a wife (listed in the "antique" category).

5 reasons your problems aren’t being solved (and 5 ways to solve them)

Without knowing it, we're constantly hindering ourselves from thinking productively and solving problems. The good news is, this is easy to remedy. Here are five things we do that hinder productive thought and five things we can do to think better.

Grow Me The Money

Grow Me The Money is a 12 month online program designed to help small to medium sized businesses become more sustainable and save money....

The dangers of discounting in a downturn

It might seem logical to discount during an economic downturn. You need to boost sales and attract new customers. And customers are tightening their belts and shopping around for the best price. But is discounting the best option over the long-term?

Focus on the numbers: a business health checklist

Across the board, strong businesses are those that are well run and designed to withstand outside influences, or have factored in potential risks and have a plan to manage the situation.

Do exporters make better bosses?

At a time of global economic uncertainty, the issue of trade and employment is becoming the focus of public debate - particularly with news of large scale redundancies in the media. If this trend continues, there is the risk of increased calls for protectionism here in Australia (as has already occurred in the USA). This is a concern because we all know what has happened in the past when the world has returned to protectionism - mass unemployment, inequality and conflict extending well beyond the trade sphere.

World Builder: An amazing short film

This award winning short by filmmaker Bruce Branit was shot in a single day followed by about two years of post production. In it, a man...

21st Century management strategies for recession-proofing your business

For these businesses (and their owners) to survive this rapidly changing economic environment intact, they just can't continue to do everything by themselves. To be successful, they need to have an experienced team around them to provide the information, experience and support to meet these growing challenges. This team needs to be able to provide the experienced advice that is needed. They need to know how to handle a difficult economic environment. They need to be flexible. And they need to be affordable for the business.

Website of the Week: Conspicuous wealth never goes out of fashion

Listening to everyone bang on about cost-cutting, home foreclosures and delayed retirements must be mighty wearying for the über rich. Fortunately, those who have more money than they know what to do with can leave the bear-with-a-toothache investment market alone for a while and indulge in several innovative new spending options.




New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...