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Organised complexity. It may sound like how you arrange your sock drawer, but it’s how we organise all knowledge [VIDEO]


So, you already know that everything is connected to everything else, right? Remember the Pauli Principle?

Now, be prepared to look at just how complex all of these connections are.

In this RSA Animate video, Principal User Experience Lead at the search engine Bing, Manuel Lima, shows us how the tree of knowledge really no longer applies.

You’ve possibly worked this out already, when trying to get the structure and flow of information on your website to work.

The tree structure of knowledge no longer applies to the increasingly complex interconnections in our world – from who we know and what we know.

By discarding the tree structure to represent knowledge and embracing an interconnected network structure, we are closer to mimicking how our brains work and, indeed how nature works around us.

This explains why creating a site map for your website is really tricky.

The power of networks

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