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The scrollwheel: The agony of watching others browse the web


When redditors come together many great things can happen.

They can trash a video of the National Organization for Marriage or they can help a homeless man with a golden voice. This example ain’t nothing so fancy, but nevertheless proves that people can come together to give life to each other’s ideas.

For those who don’t know, Reddit is a website where content is submitted by its users, or redditors as they are known. A redditor submits a link or a piece of content that may be text, a photograph, a video or a drawing and other redditors vote the content up or down according to how they feel about it.

The most upvoted submissions achieve front page, something that most redditors aspire to.

Well, Reddit is a pretty creative place and a short while ago a redditor named neonnoodle submitted a comic which portrayed the exasperation felt by a tech-savvy user while watching another not so tech-savvy user trying to use Google search. Of course, the comic deeply resonated within the Reddit community and reached the top of the front page giving neonnoodle a piece of Reddit heaven.

Some months later another redditor called Guy Collins (aka unfortunatejordan) decided to create a cartoon based on the comic created by neonnoodle. The result is pretty funny and clearly portrays the agony most of us feel when watching others browse the web. (At the end, a little plot twist awaits. See for yourselves.)

“The Scrollwheel”