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Microsoft peers into the future. 2019, to be precise.


After a lacklustre response to its Windows Vista release, the retirement of its celebrity founder and new threats to its dominance from plucky new rivals, Microsoft is certainly entering a challenging phase.

Many people no longer associate the tech giant with intuitive, user-friendly innovations. At some point in time, it stopped being perceived as a company that delivered technology breakthroughs that made people’s lives easier and started being seen by some as a monolithic ogre – more defensive than creative – protecting it’s massive stash using all means at its disposal.

Yet Microsoft is showing signs of renewal, and the below Future Vision Montage (presented at this year’s Wharton Business Technology Conference) proves it. It might contain more fiction than science, but this showcase of Microsoft’s futuristic product line, circa 2019, contains a mouth-watering array of technologies that will deliver seemless interactivity beyond the desktop.

Unfortunately, it will take a decade to know whether this will all come to pass. For now, we have a slick video, so sit back and enjoy.

(via Long Zheng. You can also view a longer, 5 minute version of the video there.)