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Staff put employers through their paces on the Naked Office

New website www.nakedoffice.com.au has put Australian employers on notice: you’re no longer the only ones that can deliver career-changing feedback.

The beliefs that limit your business growth

One of the most common complaints of business owners is ‘I don’t have enough time.’ The pressure the clock puts on how much you get done, how much your business grows, and how much profit you make is massive. Or is it?

After the lightbulb moment: what does it takes to be an entrepreneur…successfully?

It’s a question asked by many: How do you become an entrepreneur? Becoming an entrepreneur is easy. Becoming a successful one takes work. It’s more than just having a good idea.

Website Linking: the good, the bad, the ugly

Google’s latest algorithm changes have highlighted the effect linking can have on your website. Links come in varying quality, some get an two enthusiastic thumbs up from the search giant, and others, not so much.

The six factors that dictate marketing channel preference

Consumers are spoiled for choice when it comes to long distance communication, but it wasn’t always the case. Just a little over two decades ago you had two whole options: mail and telephone.

Retailers must think beyond traditional customer data to stay in the game

Software solutions provider Pitney Bowes has laid down the law regarding customer data for the retail industry. Perhaps you’ve been labouring under the delusion that old-school broad customer data will do the trick when it comes to growing your retail business. I'm afraid not.

Founder Institute appoints graduate as new Sydney director

The Founder Institute - a four-month executive training program for technology entrepreneurs - recently announced graduate Tom Frazier as the new Sydney director.

Do you really know what’s going on in your market?

When was the last time you undertook intensive research on your audience or competition? Having up-to-date market knowledge is essential when it comes to planning your strategy and setting your business goals.

Creating cashflow as if by magic [VIDEO]

The fundamental of cashflow explained by a magician. Why hasn't someone thought of this before? In this video from bizi, Simon the magician and his eyebrows look very, very pleased with their ability to turn a fiver into a fifties.

Online SMEs performing better than sans-site peers

The folks at MYOB love themselves a bit of statistic-y goodness. Their latest number crunching shows online SMEs are fairing much better than their not so digital counterparts.

The Brisbane driving school that made TechCrunch’s front page in 15 minutes

Here’s proof that Facebook, Twitter et al aren’t the only companies earning column inches on TechCrunch. Brisbane driving school No Yelling recently found itself on the nerd digi-bible’s front page off the back of just 15 minutes’ work, earning loads of SEO-tastic links in the process.

Gen Y beating boomers in the revenue stakes, MYOB Business Monitor reveals

Gen Yers may be the only group within Australia’s small-to-medium operators to take heart from the latest MYOD Business Monitor. Despite an eye-watering eight-year low amongst SMEs’ economic confidence, Gen Y business operators were most likely to see positive revenue results over the last year.

Google: Businesses lagging behind mobile consumers

The good people at Google recently released research offering insight into how Aussies use and abuse their smartphones. It's not a huge surprise that the research found that smartphones have become the technology du jour for most Australians. But have businesses stepped up to the plate?

Government releases R&D Tax Incentive registration requirements

Has your business got its beady eye on research and development? A publication by AusIndustry may be able to shed some light on the government’s new R&D Tax Incentive.

How to recruit staff for your small business

With limited time and resources, recruiting staff in a small business is challenging. While recruitment agencies offer comprehensive end-to-end management of the process, for small businesses price can often be an issue.

The first rule of business: embrace failure

The world of business, in my opinion, is complex yet basic, exciting yet exhausting. Often it presents problems and challenges that make us question our self belief and capabilities.

From Sydney to Silicon Valley – Australian startups target growth through collaboration

It seems like only yesterday we were reporting on the opening of the NSW Government supported StartupHouse all the way over in nerd mecca, Silicon Valley. And yet last month NSW Trade & Investment named the first four early-stage technology companies due to gain access to international business opportunities while being nestled on the incubator’s geeky bosom. In this short video, Robert G.S. Lambert (we can only assume that his middle initials stand for 'Goin' Stellar') takes a virtual tour through Startup House and introduces some of its newest tenants.

Are you involved in risky business? And we're not talking about miming songs in...

Tom Cruise has a lot to answer for. The least of which is that classic scene in the movie, Risky Business. As an entrepreneur, you know only too well that legal compliance can make or break a business. The legal considerations for employees and the terms of their engagement with your company has many legal considerations to consider. If you're not adhering to these, you are indeed, running a risky business.

Six easy ways to improve your website and make your customers happy at the...

Your company website is another member of your sales team. If promoted correctly, thousands of potential and existing clients will view it regularly. Sounds simple? Maybe. A professional marketer will help you maximise this advantage.

Nixing business jargon in your marketing [Or thinking inside the box]

No matter what product or service you’re trying to sell, writing is an important part of your marketing efforts. Resorting to business jargon is a common mistake - one that will see prospective clients unsubscribing in droves. So, let's discuss some synergistic paradigms that will help you leverage your market position and pivot you brand value to a new understanding with your customer. Oh, wait...
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