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[WEBINAR] How to get more leads, make more friends and have more meetings… in...

James Tuckerman is a self-confessed "lazy business owner". He's a passionate seeker of "cheats" -- shortcuts to help him get more done in less time. In this webinar, he will reveal how he automates lead generation and the tools he uses to attract business... in his underpants... while he sleeps.

Would you like to interview one of these amazing people for Anthill?

Ian Charles Stewart (Co-founder of WiReD Magazine), Warren Coleman (Co-writer and Co-director of Happy Feet), Michael Naimark (Founding Member of the Atari Research Lab, the Apple Multimedia Lab and Lucasfilm Interactive), Shinta W. Dhanuwardoyo (Recognised by Globe Asia as one of the 99 Most Powerful Women in Jakarta), Gerry Gouy (Senior Director, Global Business Development, MTV Networks International), Corvida Raven (One of Time Magazine’s 25 Facebook Profiles You Should Subscribe to Right Now)...

Busting the top 5 myths & misconceptions of VoIP telephony

With NBN on the horizon, there has been an increase in businesses looking to take the ‘virtual leap’ towards high-quality, feature-rich IP voice solutions, commonly called VoIP (Voice over IP) or hosted/virtual PBX. There are other options to the traditional landline for business telephony.

WEBINAR: Want to be an A-grade presenter? Do it in your underpants. (How to...

What's the first rule of professional speaking? Don't do it in your underpants -- unless you are Superman, in which case undies-on-the-outside is probably to be expected. However, that doesn't mean that you can't learn the skills to become a confident, professional and outrageously awesome public speaker... sans dacks. That's right. We're bringing back Anthill's UndieEmpire Webinar series.

Want to become an outsourcing extremist? Learn how to replace yourself using geo-arbitrage.

With the economy in its current state and the US dollar near parity, geo-arbitrage opportunities abound. Combine that with the power of cloud based technologies and tools, like DropBox, ScreenSteps, Dictamous and Screenflow, and it has suddenly become far easier than any time in history to employ and manage skilled staff and freelancers from all corners of the globe.


What do you know about Google AdWords? This hub was developed to answer the questions you already have, and those you haven't thought yet to ask.


AusIndustry is a specialist program delivery division within the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research.

Five ways to create a gamified, viral marketing campaign… we’re calling it Anthill’s Inaugural...

Over the past 10 days, Anthill has experienced more technical issues and downtime than in its entire digital history. We won't bore you with the details. Suffice to say, it was hellish. Rather than take a long-weekend to lick our wounds and recoup, it wasn't a hard decision to attempt to turn this negative into a positive, and create a compelling 'living' lesson for Anthill readers instead.

Who’s in this year’s 30under30?

On Wednesday, applications will close for Anthill's 2011 30under30 awards. Given the high number of polite and cautiously curious enquiries we've received so far, about the types and volume of entries for this year's program, we decided to offer the following sneak preview.

Entrepreneurs’ Night Out (BRISBANE)

Entrepreneurs' Night Out is on in Brisbane for a round of meeting and mingling. Share a drink. Have a laugh. And most importantly, help...

What are you doing to master online marketing?

The past 12 months was filled with jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring watershed moments in the exciting but frustratingly fragmented world of online marketing. In 2010, did you let the future slip by or did you embrace the world's largest marketplace? Did your website under-achieve or over-deliver? Do you even have a website?

30under30 Awards (2011) — Applications deadline extended!

30under30 was launched in early 2008 to encourage and promote entrepreneurship among young Australians. 30under30 provides recognition to 30 entrepreneurs under the age of 30.

See a timeline of the $77 million PlayStation network hack [INFOGRAPHIC]

Hackers' security breach of Sony's PlayStation network ranks among one of the worst online attacks in history, according to Australia-based ComparisonFinder, which put together a timeline of the hack that cost Sony about $1.25 billion. Check out this awesome infographic.

Protect Your Ideas…Are you worried that someone might steal or infringe your intellectual property?

It's a practical hands-on course. It is about getting results. You will be provided with valuable information, in a structured format, over a full day, in a workshop limited to 20 attendees. You will be given personalised guidance. It's about being proactive. You will be working with others.

What is the Entrepreneurs’ Night Out

The Entrepreneurs' Night Out is your opportunity to mingle, learn from peers, make new friends and get inspired! Building a business at any age can...


It’s a group buying site specifically created for entrepreneurs and business builders.

Visa GoBiz

How can Visa Business help your business go forward? Manage cash-flow, control and track spending with VISA Business credit and debit cards.

Applications for the SMART 100 are now open! Apply, Nominate, Share!

Australia needs more innovators and champions of innovation. As a nation, we rely heavily on natural resources and primary industries -- perhaps too heavily? This is your chance to get some recognition for your innovation or promote another Australian innovation.

How to run a global empire in your under-pants [Anthill’s First Ever Webinar]

You know the feeling. Yes, the fear is real. Would they still take you seriously if they knew the real size of your organisation? You might be a solopreneur or a 15 person upstart. You could be a medium enterprise well-practiced in the skill of looking bigger than you really are. If this sounds familiar, don't fret. You are not alone!

Do you know an Australian innovation worthy of recognition? [Nominate for the SMART 100,...

Anthill’s ‘SMART 100′ Index was developed in 2008 to identify and rank Australia’s 100 most innovative products, proving to be one of the largest surveys of its kind in Australia. Nominations for the 2011 awards are now open. Do you know of an Australian innovation worthy of recognition?
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Four Page Digital Marketing Strategy [FREE RESOURCE]

Simply click the image below to unlock the free FOUR PAGE DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY. Embrace the FOUR pillars of all successful online marketing campaigns. Click...



New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...