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Applications for the SMART 100 are now open! Apply, Nominate, Share!


Do you have an innovation deserving of some hard earned recognition?

Would you like to see more Australian ideas achieve commercial success?

If so, help us support and promote innovation in Australia — Apply, nominate and share!

  1. Enter your own organisation’s innovation (APPLY)
  2. Nominate another deserving organisation’s innovation (NOMINATE)
  3. Share this post — ‘Tweet’ it, ‘Like’ it and ‘Email’ it forward (SHARE)

Why should you enter?

There are many reasons to enter the SMART 100. Here are just five.

1. Great odds
Firstly, the SMART 100 is the largest awards program of its kind in Australia, recognising 100 Australian innovations. Compared to any other business awards program, the odds are stacked in your favour. We recognise 100 Australian innovations! Not 10. Not 30. Not 50. But 100!

2. Awesome Exposure
Anthill is read by innovators, investors and service providers. In other words… ideas, money, skills. These are the three groups vital to the success of innovation in Australia. This is your chance to get your innovation in front of people who matter to its success.

3. Well deserved accolades
The development of any innovation is an arduous process, often peppered by leaps forward and heart-breaking setbacks (hopefully not in equal measure). Every innovator needs an excuse to celebrate once in a while — to take a moment and say, “Look what we’ve achieved.”

4. The process is a reward in itself
In addition to the great publicity and accolades, many past applicants have relayed back to us that the award process itself provides an excellent opportunity for entrants to self-reflect and properly articulate their innovations. The awards application has been devised to help innovators articulate the spoils of their toils in a way that even an investor can understand.

5. Get on the Anthill ‘radar’
Anthill uses the award process to uncover and identify inspiring stories and unconventional opinions, from within and beyond the winners’ circle. We rely on your applications to feed editorial content and identify Australia’s most exciting innovations and promising companies.

Why should you nominate another?

Australia needs more innovators and champions of innovation.

As a nation, we rely heavily on natural resources and primary industries — perhaps too heavily?

We are entering a golden age, where distance is no longer a ‘tyranny’, where Australians can launch international empires without ever setting foot on another continent.

We are home to world-class academic institutions. We have borne more Nobel Laureates than any other nation per capita. But we have historically not been so great at commercialising our research and ideas.

Help us promote and support innovation in Australia by nominating.

It will only take you moments. Share the passion. Do it now!

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