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Entrepreneurs’ Night Out (BRISBANE)


Entrepreneurs’ Night Out is on in Brisbane for a round of meeting and mingling. Share a drink. Have a laugh. And most importantly, help us to build a culture of entrepreneurship in Australia!

Come meet some cool entrepreneurs, and other like minded business builders.

If you’re Queensland-based business owner with a passion for ideas and success, this night’s for you!

When & Where

When: Thursday 14 July, 2011 (6pm-9pm)
Where: Beligan Beer Cafe – Brussels, cnr Mary & Edwards Streets Brisbane

Check out our awesomely egalitarian pricing structure below.

How much will this event cost?

This event will cost you one dollar for every year you have lived on this planet.

Yup, attendance is priced to reflect the age of each attendee. This means that 35 year-olds will be required to pay $35 for attendance, while 18 year-olds will pay $18.

Cool, huh?

This event will cost you one dollar for every year you have lived on this planet.

Not based in Brisbane?

If you are not based in Brisbane, click the link below and let us know where you’re from, what types of support and education are needed in your neck of the woods and who we should contact to get local support. Let’s make it happen!

Please help us foster a culture of entrepreneurship in Australia.

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