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The first true social Olympics: How the data is stacking up [INFOGRAPHIC]


Did you endure the Olympics opening ceremony? I really liked the tribute to that great English invention, the rave party.

And I’m not really sure Tim Berners-Lee should have been using that computer given the amount of water that was splashed across his desk.

I digress.

These Games have been dubbed the first Olympics in the social era – the Socialympics, if you will. Social media featured throughout the aforementioned rave sequence. So, no matter which way you look at it, this is going to be the social Games. And, I’m not talking about the 150,000 condoms that will be distributed across the Olympic village.

Many of the mass market social media tools are banned in China. The Beijing Games were a Twitter free event. This means that the 2012 London Games will set the standard for how social media supports, reports and rolls along with the Olympics.

Speculation on social media has already been blamed for revealing the surprise that Lauren Jackson would be the flag bearer for Australia in the Opening ceremony. Stephanie Rice has learnt the hard way about the power of social media.

In these days of social media, rumours and speculation on everything, secrets can rarely be kept.

ExactTarget has put together this infographic about the potential of social media for these Games.

Who knew so many people were into equestrian events?

The data was collected in June, so expect that by the time you read this, the numbers have already changed dramatically.

With the BBC expecting one terabit of data per second of traffic, this is going to be a real digital event.