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What do you know about Google AdWords?

You probably know that these are the small text ads that appear alongside Google search results and within some websites. You probably also know that advertisers who use AdWords only pay when a person clicks on the link. You may have experimented with AdWords. You could be an AdWords rookie or an AdWords master.

Whatever your level of knowledge or experience, this hub was developed to answer the questions you already have, and those you haven’t thought yet to ask.

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1. Which half of your advertising works? (What is SEM)

It was once said with humour, “I know that half my advertising works. I just don’t know which half!” Such a sentiment is no longer likely to raise a smile. This is because smart marketers (including business owners) now expect a return on investment from their marketing (like duh!). So, what brought about this change in expectations? One player in the mix was undoubtedly Search Engine Marketing (SEM). In this first installment, we introduce SEM, and why it’s important for ROI.

2. How to locate the best keywords, just for you

It’s one of the first questions that people ask when setting up an account with AdWords, one of the world’s most popular SEM tools. What keywords are most appropriate for my business? While there are a number of online tools available, sometimes the best place to start is by using good ol’ common sense. In this second installment, we reveal five tips for selecting your keywords. 

3. How to write great ads: Copywriting for SEM

Journalists, copywriters and sub-editors were once an elitist lot. And they had every right to be. This is because many had spent decades mastering their skills — finessing the written word to appeal to readers in newspapers, magazines, on billboards, television and radio. Then, along came the web. Not only did the medium change but the skills possessed by a few were suddenly required by the masses. In this installment, we apply the ancient art of copywriting to one of the internet’s most ubiquitous marketing channels: AdWords.

4. Chasing the long-tail and other advanced tips for mastering SEM.

So, you now understand how to track the success of your search engine marketing. You also know how to choose the best keywords (for you) and how to write for the web. In this fourth installment, we look at advanced SEM tips, the meaning of ‘long-tail’ searches and the importance of your landing page. That’s right. It’s time to become a search engine marketing master. 

5. Conversion: Website Tips & Tricks

Now that you understand the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’, the basic and advanced techniques of SEM, it’s time to take a step back. When someone hits your site, what are you doing to get the best commercial result? 

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