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It’s embarrassing really.

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If cash is king, here’s one way to get yours flowing…

For small businesses, there’s no question about it – cash flow is king. Unfortunately, thanks to the GFC, keeping cash flowing and preserving a line of credit is proving a challenge for many Australian businesses. According to a recent Dun & Bradstreet report, the average time it takes to get an invoice paid in Australia has risen to 53.4 days. Furthermore, many small businesses are finding it difficult to acquire the capital they need from traditional lending institutions, especially the big banks. Here's one way to get yours flowing.

For Red Balloon ‘CEO’ Naomi Simpson, entrepreneurship is all about creating the experience

In an interview with Anthill’s Cynthia Karena, Simpson recalls the circumstances in which she started out her online gift-buying venture – months after the first dotcom crash of 2001. She says her focus was on creating something that couldn’t be done without the Internet. Simpson also talks about what she has learned, over the past decade, about business, entrepreneurship, creating an “experience” in gifting and managing social media.


Are you embracing the world’s largest marketplace? Or are you letting the future slip by? Is your website under-achieving or over-delivering? Do...

Management expert Andrew Kakabadse says Australian boards can be the world’s ‘guiding light’

Company boards were initially formed to police the organisation on behalf of its numerous shareholders who couldn’t directly oversee the business. However, in practice, boards have transformed into a bunch of part-timers meeting occasionally to oversee a company, rather than active monitors, especially of any wrongdoings. What can boards do to fix this tricky problem?

Do you need branding advice you can trust?

For over 20 years, SIGNARAMA consultants have been working closely with companies to create customised branding and signage strategies.

Five ways to create a gamified, viral marketing campaign… we’re calling it Anthill’s Inaugural...

Over the past 10 days, Anthill has experienced more technical issues and downtime than in its entire digital history. We won't bore you with the details. Suffice to say, it was hellish. Rather than take a long-weekend to lick our wounds and recoup, it wasn't a hard decision to attempt to turn this negative into a positive, and create a compelling 'living' lesson for Anthill readers instead.

ANTMART DEAL: Need a business plan? Want it finished in only four hours?

An accurate business plan – the roadmap of where you want your business to be – is vital to the success of any venture. But it's a daunting task that can often take weeks to complete! This is often time you don't have. You could always outsource the job? But professional costs can also be prohibitive.... seriously prohibitive.

Pitch Club Sydney

For those who are not familiar with the phenomenon of Pitch Club, it offers aspiring entrepreneurs a proven pathway to develop, evaluate and get the assistance they need to capitalise on their ideas.

Entrepreneurs Night Out [Sydney]: Share a drink. Have a laugh. Gain insights from mover...

Building a business can be a lonely undertaking. But entrepreneurs have it tougher than most. Our friends and family often don’t understand the complexities of running a business… or the personal stress that comes with the job. Meet and learn from other business builders. Share a drink. Have a laugh. Gain insights from successful business builders who have ‘been there, done that’ and created successful ventures. Benefit from the experiences of other attendees.

ANTMART DEAL: Would You Like To Meet 300 Young Entrepreneurs In One Day?

Check out this upcoming deal on Antmart -- Anthill's group buying website for Australian business owners. To sign-up to the Antmart newsletter, and...

ANTMART DEAL: How many leads could you create from a new set of business...

Check out this upcoming deal on Antmart -- Anthill's group buying website for Australian business owners. To sign-up to the Antmart newsletter, and be...

ANTMART DEAL: Get your head outta them books!

Check out this upcoming deal on Antmart -- Anthill's group buying website for Australian business owners. To sign-up to the Antmart newsletter, and be...

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about wireless. Ever.

We won’t hold it against you if you find wireless networking a bit of a head-scratcher. All this talk of WiFi, WiMAX, Bluetooth, 3G, 802.11, 802.16… What the huh? We're glad you asked.

Wanted: Outgoing entrepreneurial types with a desire to learn while doing (and a passion...

Anthill incubator company 100coffees is seeking outgoing entrepreneurial-types with a desire to join a nascent venture and learn the most important startup skill of all...

Who’s in this year’s 30under30?

On Wednesday, applications will close for Anthill's 2011 30under30 awards. Given the high number of polite and cautiously curious enquiries we've received so far, about the types and volume of entries for this year's program, we decided to offer the following sneak preview.

How to master the art of ‘cloud management’ [Anthill’s Second Ever Webinar]

It's now possible for organisations, both large and small, to operate from a head-office of... well... one. You might be a solopreneur or a 15 person upstart. You could be a medium enterprise or a manager in a global enterprise. These days, you don't have to share an office with your team. You may never even meet face-to-face.

Save ker-ching with calls over the internet

When your family and friends are scattered across the globe, your phone bill can quickly become the stuff of nightmares.

Submitted for your entertainment: the 24 funniest ways to die

We feel compelled to counsel you that the content of this graphic -- a menu of some of the funniest deaths on record -- requires a lively sense of humor. So proceed as you will, and take solace in the fact that these poor sods' cringe-worthy expirations gave others a measure of joy.

Bluetooth for your PC [not just for shouty, look-at-me types with ear pieces]

Poor old Bluetooth. For a while now it’s been misappropriated by loud, shouty types stomping up the high street fog-horning ‘Buy! Buy! SELL!’ into their ear pieces. We here at Anthill -- with a liberal dollop of help from the delightful folk at Intel -- would like to reclaim Bluetooth as much more than just a conduit for idiots.
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Generating Web Traffic with Mark Middo and James Tuckerman [FREE REPORT]

Not all websites are created equal. That’s the first – and perhaps harshest – lesson when venturing into the ever evolving world of online marketing. Websites don’t draw visitors just by existing; they require love, attention and an understanding of how search engines think. In this Cheat Sheet, Anthill Magazine’s James Tuckerman and guest Mark “Middo” Middleton share their combined wisdom on generating web traffic for new and old websites.


Five essential ingredients for a humming homepage with James Tuckerman [FREE...

Most homepages dedicate too much of their valuable space to predictable and generally unhelpful information, such as the purpose of the business, their products and services, their achievements and needy invitations to ‘buy, buy, buy’ or ‘contact us for a free consultation on no obligation quote’. Effective homepages focus on the needs and wants of the customer.


New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...