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BOOK GIVEWAY: How to become a Key Person of Influence


At Anthill, we’re often asked questions about how to manage personal branding, command higher fees, get quoted in the media and never ever compete on price.

Those are just four of the reasons why we’re proud to sponsor the Key Person of Influence 8-hr Brand Accelerator in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Plus, it’s through this sponsorship that we were able to arrange this amazing book giveaway.

It’s a real book — made of paper. It will be delivered to your door, letterbox or office. And it was written to help solve the following five sleep destroyers. (GET THE BOOK FOR FREE.)

1. Competing on Price.

Are you discounting to land new deals? Do your prospects want to ‘shop around’?

If so, the market sees you as a low value, replaceable commodity.

Learn the 5 step ‘KPI’ formula that explains how to position yourself as an irreplaceable, premium service provider.

CLICK HERE TO GET THE BOOK. (It’s FREE for Anthillians. Normally $26 plus postage.)

2. Chasing business (like a headless chook).

Does new opportunity find you or are you hunting for it?

Being great at what you do isn’t enough to ‘bring the rain’.

This book demonstrates how becoming the ‘hunted’ isn’t as hard as you think.

CLICK HERE TO GET THE FREE BOOK. (It’s made of paper. It’s, like, old-skool.)

3. Selling your time for money.

If customers buy your service because of your unique skills and talents, then you don’t own a business. You are the business.

If you stop, so does your cash flow… and it’s tough getting started again.

Products are the answer. Learn how to turn your skill set into an asset.

GET THE BOOK. (It’ll be delivered to your door or letterbox or office… by a postman!)

4. Being invisible on Google.

You are great at what you do; you love what you do; but not enough people know about you.

Raising your profile starts online (and you don’t need to be a manic tweeter to get profitable results). If that sounds like you, this book will set you straight.

GET THE BOOK. (You can read it in the bath without fearing minor electrocution.)

5. Flying solo, without a net.

Without the right partnerships, it’s unlikely you will survive the next recession.

It’s frightening but true.

Businesses survive when they band together… do you have what others want?

If you’re done with being a “worker-bee” in your industry, it’s time to tip over into the inner-circle and become a Key Person of Influence.

GET THE BOOK. (After you’ve read it, you can give it to a friend. It’s fun to share!)

What if you don’t like to read? Attend the event!

19Well, Daniel Priestley and the good people behind the KPI program are hosting an 8 Hour Personal Brand Accelerator.

Use the link below to score a great deal on your ticket.

Melbourne: 1 June 2013
Sydney: 6 July 2013
Brisbane: 31 August 2013.

Click here and you’ll score a ticket for only $19, plus the KPI starter kit, plus a $50 voucher to spend on Elance.

Check out these five amazing speakers:

  • Ian Elliot – Australian Advertising Icon
  • Marc Johnstone – Silicone Valley VC Veteran
  • Andrew Griffiths – Australia’s best selling small business author
  • Kylie Bartlett – Harnessing social and new media
  • Daniel Priestly – Author of Becoming a Key Person of Influence

That’s a full day of education for only $19!

Click here to see what all the fuss and excitement is about.