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ANTMART DEAL: Get your head outta them books!


Check out this upcoming deal on Antmart — Anthill’s group buying website for Australian business owners. To sign-up to the Antmart newsletter, and be the first to hear about great business bargains, click here and register.

Do you feel that you’re trying to do everything yourself because you don’t know who to trust?

Are you overwhelmed by the mess you’re in and
don’t know were to start?

Are you burdened by ATO compliance?

Getting your numbers in a muddle can cost you
time and money.

Bookkeeping Partners are here to help!

Bookkeeping Partners understand the enormity of managing the books.

Luckily, their team of highly trained and experienced bookkeepers can handle all your business records and bookkeeping requirements.

They provide the kind of service that a good bookkeeper working on their own simply can’t sustain.

Bookkeeping Partners keep up-to-date on new accounting and business changes to give you the most accurate information, and help guide your business to success.

Bookkeeping Partners are offering a complete review of your current bookkeeping system – for just $99!

  • Accurate and reliable reports.
  • Information on any changes and updates that will improve accuracy and add value to your financial information.
  • Consistency regardless which of their bookkeepers does the work.

If you live further than 20km away Bookkeeping Partners are offering a virtual consultation that allows you to review the system yourself remotely! By granting Bookkeeping Partners access to your system via secure log me in software: https://secure.logmein.com/AU/.

Pack value: $495. Antmart price: $99. Save 20%!

How does Antmart work?

  1. Buy your coupon here to save money, and if the deal tips you will get a coupon for a complete review of you bookkeeping system but a trained professional for just $99.
  2. We’ll send you your redeemable coupon, which you can claim at Bookkeeping Partners within 14 days of receiving it. You’ll score your this amazing service (worth $495), with a bonus free $49 voucher towards future monthly bookkeeping.

It’s that easy!


Bookkeeping Partners are offering an additional $49 voucher towards your future monthly bookkeeping absolutely FREE!

Don’t just take our word for it!

“I used to spend hours doing my books, payroll & BAS manually. When I decided to use Bookkeeping Partners I realised that I did not lose control over my finances but gained accurate up to date reports. Now I have more time to spend with my family.”
Fiona Wailes – Kofoed’s Pharmacy

“We hired Bookkeeping Partners 5 years ago when we bought our pharmacy. The quality, accuracy and service they provide is exceptional. Personal contact, attention to details and value added services means we know our financial position every month!”

Dino & Robert Ganci – Craven’s Pharmacy, Albert Park