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What was your most interesting job interview? I bet it wasn’t quite as unpredictable as this [VIDEO]


I was once attended a job interview on the 32nd floor of a high rise building. I was suited up and wearing 10cm high heels.

It was all going great. Then, the fire alarm went off. Despite the fact that it was a drill, we had to leave the building. Which meant I had to take the stairs down all 32 flights. In heels. While trying to not trip and sound intelligent. It was to say the least, an interesting situation.

Heineken had a different problem. It has received 1,734 applications for a starter role at the company. So, how was the final candidate chosen? Rather than asking the same standard questions and getting mediocre, repetitive answers, the company did something different.

It created an interview that could not be prepared for. Nor, could it be predicted. But, ultimately the company found the right person for the job. Basically, he was the guy who stepped up in extreme situation. Out of the final three candidates, he was the only one who did.

It certainly pays to be different in your recruiting style. Anthill writers can vouch for that. They were recruited with some rather unique questions.

To find the talent that you need, you need to make the recruitment process reflect the style of your business.

Repeat after me, no more boring recruitment processes. Go on, try something different.

Heineken – The candidate