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Bluetooth for your PC [not just for shouty, look-at-me types with ear pieces]


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Poor old Bluetooth. For a while now it’s been misappropriated by loud, shouty types stomping up the high street fog-horning ‘Buy! Buy! SELL!’ into their ear pieces.

We here at Anthill — with a liberal dollop of help from the delightful folk at Intel — would like to reclaim Bluetooth as much more than just a conduit for idiots. Bluetooth can be used to connect any electronic devices that support the technology, including your Intel laptop.

Loads of people use their laptops to surf the web via a wireless web connection (that’d be plain old WiFi to you and I…), and Bluetooth’s bag of tricks further enhances their portability. Since you don’t need to carry bundles of cords with you everywhere you go, working and communicating becomes much more convenient.

Mobile phones

If your mobile phone is Bluetooth enabled, you can connect with other electronic devices such as your Bluetooth-enabled laptop. P’haps you want to download data from your mobile to your laptop, or vice versa – you totes can. Think shifting video, photos, MP3s or contacts from one to the other with nary a cord in sight.


Bluetooth is the most commonly used wireless protocol, dontcha know. So you’re going to find it in all sorts of places. PDAs and other electronic organisers typically come with Bluetooth preinstalled, so you can synch it with your laptop in no time. This means there’s less of an excuse for not staying organised.


Many people think laptop trackballs are poop. If you’re one of them, Bluetooth allows you to connect a wireless Bluetooth-enabled mouse, natch.


Similar to the wireless mouse, Bluetooth-enabled keyboards connect to your laptop via Bluetooth (clue’s in the title, we guess…) The flabby-fingered amongst us often have difficulty using the keyboards attached to laptops because of smaller, shallower keys. Rather than dieting your digits, connect to a standard-sized laptop a la Bluetooth.


Bluetooth makes listening to your tunes simples. And you can reclaim all those lost minutes untangling your earphones in the process. Bluetooth headphones are also the business for talking via Skype and other internet services.

Digital camera

Connecting your digital camera to your laptop every time you want to download pictures can get frustrating. Bluetooth makes this process much easier.

What did we tell you? Bluetooth and laptops are like peas and carrots. You can connect virtually any device that’s Bluetooth enabled, and you won’t have to worry about keeping track of wires and cords.

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