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Entrepreneurs Night Out [Sydney]: Share a drink. Have a laugh. Gain insights from mover and shaper Ruslan Kogan!


Ruslan Kogan as guest presenter!

Fast moving, innovative and outspoken, Ruslan Kogan has been involved in over 20 businesses since the age of 10.

Controversially recognised for his business, Kogan, Ruslan is not afraid to take on established players in in the highly competitive technology industry. (He even beat Samsung and Acer by delivering the worlds first chromium OS laptop!

Starting out with no capital and a personal drive to build technology that people want, Ruslan has grown Kogan into a $200 million dollar business.

Also the co-founder of Milan Direct, Ruslan will share how he created his own successful business, while being involved in other ventures too.

What’s it about?

Building a business can be a lonely undertaking. But entrepreneurs have it tougher than most. Our friends and family often don’t understand the complexities of running a business… or the personal stress that comes with the job.

Meet and learn from other business builders. Share a drink. Have a laugh. Gain insights from successful business builders who have ‘been there, done that’ and created successful ventures. Benefit from the experiences of other attendees.

And most importantly of all, help us build a culture of entrepreneurship in NSW!

What do I get?

  • The opportunity to learn from one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs
  • A relaxed and fun networking to meet other business builders from NSW
  • A night off from the daily grind of building your own empire!

When and where?

  • When: Thursday 11 August 2011, 6pm – 9pm
  • Where: The Shelbourne Hotel, Sydney
  • Cost: $60.00. (Antmart $19)

Anthill’s James Tuckerman as MC

James Tuckerman is the founder and editor-in-chief of Anthill, one of Australia’s Top 50 Business & Finance websites. He works and lives at the coal-face of technology and innovation in Australia.

He launched Anthill, initially as a print magazine, at the tender age of 26, from the spare bedroom of his parents suburban home in 2003, funded with credit cards and personal savings. Nine years on, he is a business owner, serial entrepreneur, investor and mentor in several Australian startups.

As a champion of entrepreneurship in Australia, he is also responsible for initiatives, such as the Cool Company Awards, the 30under30 and the SMART 100 – each designed to promote and support new ways of commercial thinking and business development.