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Submitted for your entertainment: the 24 funniest ways to die


We feel compelled to counsel you that the content of this graphic — a menu of funny deaths — requires a lively sense of humor.

Please note that the graphic — assembled by those wags at Life Insurance Finder — has a warning atop it: adult themes and strong sexual content. OK? So proceed as you will, and take solace in the fact that these poor sods’ cringe-worthy expirations gave others a measure of joy. (Click on the graphic to see a larger, more readable image.)

We appreciate that this isn’t stuff scraped strictly from historic, easily Google-able data. There’s an entry about a young Brisbane man who fell to his death while indulging in the current fad of planking. Shamefully awesome.

There’s also some Australia-centric data about meeting your maker. In the category of accidental deaths, Aussies up to age 16 were most likely to buy the farm by drowning (2009, Bureau of Statistics); those ages 31-45 kicked by bucket by poisoning. Oh, and you were eight times more likely to die by being hit by a bus or truck than by being struck by lightning.

But does all of this compel you to purchase life insurance, or to compare your current policy with those of other carriers? Is it an effective marketing tool?

Image by Tim Moore

Produced by Life Insurance Finder