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How to become an unofficial Olympic YouTube sensation by stealth [VIDEO]

Who's that cheeky bloke behind the Queen? After realising he was on camera, and being beamed across the planet, the guy standing to the right behind the Queen realises the top of his head is cut off in the shot. He slowly, sneakily bends his knees so the glory of his full head of hair is included in the footage.

Who’s the fairest of them all? Australia’s iPowow provides live, online voting during beauty...

IPowow, a Sydney-based interactive media company that has made its mark in international sports and entertainment, ventured down the runway this past weekend, giving viewers of the Miss USA pageant a chance to express their opinions in real time.

Oliver Reichenstein’s prototypical vision for the plugged-in future of news

Swiss information architect Oliver Reichenstein introduced the 450 attendees at last month’s Fairfax-sponsored Media 2010 conference to tputh.com, a curatedlink mashup posing as a newspaper website. Matthew da Silvacaught up with him in a lull between presentations.

Don't overlook the value of referral marketing

What's the fastest way to generate new business without spending a fortune? How can you develop a targeted list of potential clients that have a need for your product or service? Do you need to improve your conversion of potential clients into new clients? It's time to think about referral marketing.

Underbelly "app" for iPhone first shot in new publishing wars?

Australian publisher Allen & Unwin, in partnership with Underbelly authors Andrew Rule and John Silvester, this week launched digital versions of the three bestselling books of the series.

Can you spot the next Steve Jobs, Richard Branson or Michael Crouch? Check your...

What’s your “maverick” quotient? We're not talking about Tom Cruise in Top Gun. We mean, whether or not you can “recognise” a maverick — a creative, independent thinker who can be brilliant but troublesome and can keep firms aggressive and competitive. See if you fit the Maverickism Scale.

What I learned about creativity from two weeks in Thailand (amid the chaos)

As a 'business' commentator, I won't pretend to know the ins-and-outs of the 'political' history or reasons for the conflict (that's background you can find elsewhere). But I would like to make some observations about business in Thailand and what we, as Australians, can learn from our neighbours in this Kingdom to our not-so-distant North.

Do ‘C-Grade’ students make the best CEOs?

We’re conditioned to think that people who excel at school are the ones that go on to excel in business. However, research indicates that a better guide is not the distinction between A and C students but between ‘fixed’ and ‘growth’ mindset individuals. Robert Wood explains.

The Power of Design: Part 2 — The 10 Commandments of Product Design

Developing a successful product requires a firm grasp of several issues, followed by careful planning and implementation. In this second article in his four-part series, Sergei Plishka shares his '10 Commandments of Product Design'.

Dead peeps and deleted tweets reveal some home truths. (Are you in control of...

Everything on the public web gets indexed and cached by Google, so even when we delete something it is still publicly accessible. The crisp click you hear when you hit the Enter key and send personal information into the digital wild is the sound of you relinquishing complete control over that information.

Get your ad banned if you want it to pop (like a polar bear's...

The 'interwebs' are filled with commercials proudly and boldy described as 'banned'. There is almost no better link bait (he writes shamelessly aware of this very post's title). We all know this intuitively. But now digital technology can not only be used to provide proof. It can be used to create a commercial justification.

Focus on the numbers: a business health checklist

Across the board, strong businesses are those that are well run and designed to withstand outside influences, or have factored in potential risks and have a plan to manage the situation.

Remembrance of things past (a video to make you fear the future)

A dark animated short film set in the future where a major corporation has developed software that stores all the lost memories of humankind. We're looking for something here... Something real.

Dell’s Richard Binhammer: Twitter for big business [VIDEO]

Yesterday, in Sydney, I was fortunate enough to spend some time with Dell's Richard Binhammer. According to the company bio, he's "a core member of Dell’s Social Media Advisory Council and responsible for designing and implementing digital media and blog outreach, with a special emphasis on communities and corporate reputation." What does this mean? He's the guy largely responsible for Dell's pioneering moves in social media over the past four years.

Pure awesome: the honest and surprising facts about coffee [VIDEO]

Some of us drink coffee. Some of us drink more coffee than others. Some of us need coffee. So, it's not really surprising to know that globally, we consume 300 tons of caffeine a day. Yes, a day.

Letter from China | Meetings – how many will it take?

The term "losing face" is big in China. Mistakes are a blight on someone's reputation and must be hidden and protected at all times. Truth and foresight can be impaired if "face" is involved. It supersedes all other qualities and motives.

Why won't prospective investors sign my confidentiality agreement?

A sale is a process and the first step in that process is not to demand exclusivity. Exclusivity is either bought or earned and, in the case of raising capital, it is usually earned. An NDA implies exclusivity and that brings with it constraints on both parties. Would you ask a date to sign a pre-nuptial agreement before the first date?

Stop undermining your own business. Why discounting is a bad idea

Do you cut prices, and give up your margin, because you don’t know how to say ‘no’?  If you do, it’s time you realise that it is no good for anyone — not you, your customer or the industry. 

The Great Escape – How Australian exporters survived and even thrived in the GFC

It was widely predicted that 2009 was going to be the year that hit the first world economies the hardest when it came to the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). And for many it did just that. Australia, however, managed to weather the worst of it. Tim Harcourt reports on Australia’s strong export industry and showcases some shining examples of Australian exporters growing in these turbulent times.

The 10 Dumbest Business Moments for 2009. It’s time to vote!

Two weeks ago, we asked our readers to help us assemble our annual Dumb Report, a selection of Australian goofs, gaffs and groaners from...
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How Master the Art of Sales Even if it Makes You...

The art of selling is a social minefield. Have you ever been on the wrong end of a ham-fisted, awkward or just plain obnoxious sales conversation? Of course you have! Why is it that some sales conversations magically delight, while others make us want to manically bolt for the door? This Phil Anderson FREE CHEAT SHEET will help you to master the art of sales!


New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...