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A suitcase that follows you everywhere [VIDEO]


If you travel a lot, you know the importance of having the right suitcase.

You need one that can fit in far too much stuff. I’m a fully fledge member of over packers anonymous.

Plus, it should be light, mobile, able to be carry-on luggage, but also able to endure the rigours of being checked in.

Wheels are important, preferably four of them. It’s brilliant fun spinning a suitcase in circles while you wait for your delayed flight. Really. It is.

But, the hop! is taking a different approach to suitcases. This blue-tooth enabled suitcase follows you. It locks onto the signal from your smart phone, and off it rolls, on little caterpillar-like wheels.

When the phone moves, the suitcase follows. It’s an interesting idea from designer Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez.

Gonzalez admits that the prototype in this video has a few design flaws, but he’s working on them.

While it may not be ideal for an airport, due to the zoo-like qualities of most of them, it does have some interesting potential. It may have applications for moving heavy objects, or difficult to carry items in a variety of situations.

Design flaws or not, it’s innovative thinking.

Hop! – the suitcase the follows you

hop! the following suitcase from rodrigo garcía on Vimeo.

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