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What will happen if Australia gets the World Cup? [AFL CEO Andrew Demetriou on the future of AFL]


Talking Business is a podcast series, presented by seasoned business journalists Leon Gettler and Garry Barker, produced in association with the RMIT College of Business. It features interviews with prominent business leaders and expert analysis from RMIT academics.

The business of sport: Andrew Demetriou, AFL [INTERVIEW]

This week, Barker and Gettler talk with AFL CEO Andrew Demetriou on the AFL’s expansion plans, its business model and its involvement with communities outside Victoria, where the organisation is pushing development of the Australian Rules code. And what will happen if Australia gets the World Cup?


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Garry Barker and Leon Gettler both have established careers with ‘The Age’ newspaper, where Garry Barker is its Technology Editor, and Leon Gettler is a Senior Business Journalist. Gettler also works freelance on a number of other publications.

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