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Help design our Cool Company Awards poster theme for 2009


In a little over 10 days, we will be sending a fleet of mobile-billboards down the busy streets of inner-city Australia to promote our 2009 Cool Company Awards.

I’m talking about Scooter Advertising, courtesy of our friends at Subterfuge.

In accordance with my blog post of yesterday on using social media to promote the ‘cools’, it occurred to me that this exercise presents an excellent opportunity to promote two-way reader engagement.

So far, we’ve developed three potential poster and themes (below).

Soup Can

Paint Splash

Risky Business

We’ve also created a ‘blank canvass’ to further ignite your imagination and solicit feedback. (What would you place in the blank space?)

Blank Canvass

So, here’s where we’d like your help.

1. Vote for your preference of the three options above (but vote below).
2. If you think all these options stink, leave your suggested ‘blank canvass’ filler as a comment. (Don’t worry about offending us. We have tough hides.)

Don’t be shy.

We sought your feedback and designed our Dec 2008 print magazine edition based on your suggestions. And we love writing about creative crowdsourcing (here, here and here). So, we’re familiar with the pros and cons.

As such, we might not employ the most popular choice. However, we will be heavily guided by your opinions. And we’ll give plenty of credit to the most deserving contributors.

So… any ‘cool’ poster suggestions Anthillians?