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Man’s best friend laps up Ikea Australia’s Hundstol, one of many 1 April innovations [VIDEO]


Every year, we at Stately Anthill Manor await the first day of April with giddy anticipation. The array of innovation unveiled by companies of every stripe never fails to drop our jaws to the pavement. Among 2011’s breakthroughs for the eager consumer:

  • Twitter organiser HootSuite launched Happy Owls, an upbeat alternative to Angry Birds.
  • Online greeting card company somecards erected a brilliant reverse pay wall that charges users for visiting any site but its own.
  • Google’s email service is now so much easier with Gmail Motion (try it!)
  • Toshiba ensured everyone can enjoy the latest in three-dimensional video with the world’s first 3D monocle.
  • Livingsocial gave us a tasty new offer: Spa-Lami — a meat-themed med spa, featuring a relaxing pate facial.
  • Starbucks raised the bar on Venti mocha availability with Mobile Pour — caffeine-starved consumers punch in an order on a GPS-enabled cell phone and a barista delivers the beverage on a scooter.

As wondrous are these innovations are, we Anthillians harbor a soft spot for pets — and for anything that enhances the lives of our furry friends. So we were floored by Ikea Australia‘s Hundstol. It’s an aesthetically hip answer to those of us who embrace our dogs as full-fledged members of the family, with complete privileges at the dinner table. Well done, Ikea. Woof!

Ikea Hundstol