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Is this what the magazine of the future will look like… again?

Over the past two weeks, we have published the Sun Newspaper’s parody of the iPhone ads (and other mobile alternatives to print newspapers), Time Inc's prediction of what magazines of the future might look like and a fake (or real) leak of Apple's new Tablet Mac (aka MacTablet aka TabletMac aka iPad aka Apple Slate). But this concept piece put together by design collective BERG certainly has wow factor.

Fruit-loopy video: Ronnie Corbett’s dongle won’t fit in his Blackberry [VIDEO]

It seems British comedy legend Ronnie Corbett's character has a problem with his Blackberry ... er, blackberry. In addition to this bit being incredibly smart (and deliciously old-skool), it also reminds us that even in the digital age, what's new is old, as we outfit common words and phrases with new definitions.

Not everything is as it seems. A cat discovers a mirror and begins to...

It turns out cats can see themselves in mirrors, it's just that they just can't be bothered. This one plays with its remarkable discovery.

Autistic savant draws Manhattan panorama from memory after one helicopter ride

Wiltshire was at it again this week when US television network CBS sponsored him to draw an 18 foot panorama of New York from memory after taking a 20-minute helicopter ride over the city. The whole process was documented in television segments and on a dedicated website that includes articles, photos, video footage and even a live ustream video feed.

Is this the new Apple Mac Tablet or a clever fake?

This clip, currently doing the viral circuit, is supposedly of a new Apple Tablet (aka MacTablet aka TabletMac aka iPad aka Apple Slate, etc.). However, the clickerati have not yet decided whether to hail it as an exciting leak or a very clever fake. Either way, we hope something like it will be coming to a Mac store sometime soon. It's Awe-some! (And makes Amazon's Kindle look like a poorly crafted children's toy.)

Lightning-fast, pour-from-the-bottom beer dispenser has some classy clients [VIDEO]

The video for this fill-from-the-bottom beer dispenser has been sudsing up the Interwebs for about a year now. Yet, strangely, it has never reared its frothy head as one of Anthill's breathtaking (often thirst-inspiring) Beer O'Clock innovations. Sure, we've brought you this beer tossing fridge and Melbourne based Beer Vaults, but not this well-lubricated lubrication machine that can crank out more than 40 pints a minute from a four-tap dispenser.

Entrepreneurs can change the world

At its best, entrepreneurship captures the essence of childhood imagination and adult endeavour. This slick video, written and produced by Sonja Jacob and designed...

How Anthill turned a $900 blog into one of Australia’s Top 50 Business &...

Like most would-be web-entrepreneurs, we discovered very early on that the 'Fields of Dreams' approach to web development is, unsurprisingly, flawed (i.e. 'if you build it, they will NOT come'). If building a profitable (or even sustainable) website were that easy, every web developer would be too busy swimming in their personal Jacuzzis of cash to apply their web-developing expertise to the many projects of small business owners and marketing professionals.

Listen up, it’s the Apple of your ear. How Apple redesigned in-ear headphones [VIDEO]

The much vaunted iPhone 5 has arrived, and as expected, sold out within hours. In all of the hoopla of the iPhone 5 launch, one little accessory didn't get much attention. The iPhone and new iPods come with an entirely new in-ear headphones, or earpods. And, they are a design feat in themselves.

If you love Transformers, then you definitely have to see this boat! [VIDEO]

Imagine this: a flat-packed boat which easily fits on any car’s roof racks. There's no need for a costly and space-consuming trailer. It can...

A tribute to Lego (and some awesome stop motion)

We love Lego. And we have no doubt that you do too. This Friday, we've assembled three of our favourite Lego-related videos, from the educational (MIT’s Eric von Hippel: Open Innovation) to the inspiringly creative (My Desk is 8-Bit by Alex Varanese) to the mind-blowingly, bodaciously awesome (Pixels by Patrick Jean). Happy Friday Anthillians!

Who’s making money on YouTube? [VIDEO]

We've all heard of people making big bucks off YouTube. But, who are they? Who are these people who have embraced online video and...

Japanese sushi robots with the human touch

At the FOOMA Japan 2009 conference, these sushi and patisserie robotic arms were a standout. They could soon replace humans on production lines where soft touch is critical, but the imagination boggles.

The third industrial revolution and, how to unlearn: fascinating insights from Morris Miselowski

Morris Miselowski is a futurist. He's one of those people you can ask about what's coming next and, not only do you get an...

We’re certainly living in exponential times. Here’s the proof.

Perhaps, as you reach the end of another long week, you feel that you have achieved what you needed to. Or perhaps not. Either...

Finch ‘a financial app for your social life’ has secured $2.25 million in seed...

Founded in 2016, Finch is a fintech startup with a vision to reimagine the consumer finance experience. Its first product, “a financial app for your social life” combines social payments and spending insights

A cooking show like you’ve never seen before, but you’ll be glad you watched...

First up, you need to know two things about this cooking show. 1. It's a parody. It's as massive parody of every damn cooking show...

The art of cramming has become an advertising competition [VIDEO]

Clearly, there is some sort of contest going on here that I've not been privy to. Cramming groups of like-minded people into a mode of transport seems to be what all the kids are into.

Google’s Lars Rasmussen on the Google Maps story

It's a source of great satisfaction that one of Google's most beloved products, Google Maps, was developed right here in Australia (Sydney).

How to make a really, really bad app [VIDEO]

In this video, Mobile Roadies CEO Michael Schneider explains two things that will guarantee that your app is bad, overlooked and will, ultimately, fail. Luckily,...


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New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...