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21st Century fashion predictions from the 1930s

Designer reality TV shows might be a hit in 2009, but sartorially creative visionaries had their own views on the kind of threads we'd be wearing in the year 2000. Still waiting on those glass wedding gowns, people...

It’s a magical, morphing touch screen keypad that you won’t quite believe [VIDEO]

Humans adapt to new things pretty quickly. Think of how annoying it is having to type in a code into your smart phone or tablet,...

Does social media make us better people? [VIDEO]

We all invest a lot of time, effort and energy into connecting online, be it via Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Chances are you watched a YouTube video this week. And, you've probably done several Google searches today. But, is it making you a better person?

The Aussies are coming! Car-cleaner franchise conquers Russia

Russians far and wide are witness to an incursion from a rare staging point. An Australian franchise has made a big splash in the land formerly known for perestroika and currently known for its high concentration of billionaires (Moscow has more of 'em than any city on Earth; it's true, we Wiki'ed it).

What were the dumbest mobile phone products in 2010? Ovum reveals the ‘winners’ of...

A service that employs a real person to call you each day to tell you how awesome you are -- and charges $45 a month for this 'feel good' moment -- was the forehead-slapping winner of Ovum's annual Wireless Turkey Awards.

If you’ve done 10 impossible things this morning … try this invisible bike helmet...

This is one of those things that, when you see it in action, you wonder why someone didn't think of it before. It took the designers seven years to gather data, stage bicycle crashes, examine accident data and obtain feedback from a head trauma specialist. They raised $10 million in venture capital to test, design and perfect their design. But they did the impossible.

$100,000 USD is up for grabs at the PayPal and Braintree Sydney BattleHack hackathon...

All ye talented app developers, where art thou? The time to shine hath arrived... Leading global payments providers PayPal and Braintree will be hosting a...

Is this the beginning of a brand revolution? Is Alicia Keys really going to...

On a flight not that long ago, I sat next to someone who had a Blackberry 4 connected to Vodafone. I considered suggesting to him that two tin cans connected with a piece of string might work better. Perhaps that was a little harsh. Oh well.

GoodBarry's Bardia Housman shares his tips after selling to Adobe

Bardia Housman is an Australian entrepreneur who recently completed his second successful exit, selling Business Catalyst (makers of e-commerce software suite GoodBarry) to Adobe Systems. Australian specialist recruitment and M&A outfit MitchellLake captured this candid interview at the South Food+Wine Bar in San Francisco last month.

ANTMART DEAL: How to get a stationery pack… plus goat!

OFFICE SUPPLIES PACKAGE – AND A GOAT! Isn’t it high time you made your office purchases count for the greater good? Thanks to the...

Why your worst moments define you [VIDEO]

Let's face it, the year is almost over. It may have been great. It may have been good. Or, maybe it was one you're like...

How to make a viral campaign go ‘Chk chk boom!”

Within one week, beginning when the Channel Nine clip was first published on YouTube on Sunday 17 May, Clare Werbeloff has achieved what many in the entertainment industry spend a lifetime pursuing (usually without success): national fame.

How much does your site search suck? [VIDEO]

Lots of companies invest heavily in search marketing. However, one form is searching is often overlooked, and it leaves customers confused and frustrated.

How to make your message pop (by killing animated polar bears)

I often become frustrated when catching up on Australian business news. I've never figured out why business journalists - in particular - must use such complex language to articulate often simple points.

As nurses’ industrial action deepens, consider a world without them

With many of the nation's hospitals crippled by an industrial action by the Australian Nursing Federation, we thought it timely to bring forth this video, by nurse-training provider Ausmed, dubbed "A World Without Nurses." So, watch the video and then tell us: Who's side are you on?

Transparent Public Toilet from Switzerland

Interestingly, the Swiss - probably the world's most introverted nation - have come up with an innovative way for citizens to answer the call of nature: a public toilet as transparent as a phone booth.

Dan Gilbert: Why are we happy? Why aren’t we happy?

You might think you know what makes you happy... or unhappy. But this 20-minute talk by social psychologist Dan Gilbert, author of Stumbling on Happiness, is sure to challenge your assumptions.

Is this the world’s first campaign using Facebook Poke? [VIDEO]

The agency Grey, in Tel Aviv, is claiming that it is. Facebook Poke is a curious little app. With some of its inbuilt limitations, it take a certain amount of dedication and real-time effort to make a campaign happen.

How a branding business became a condom company, in 10 days

Sebastien's plan was to present that model to the likes of Donald Trump and convince him to donate a portable shelter every time he builds a condo (for placement in areas struck by natural disasters). And convince Richard Branson to donate a flight to Doctors Without Borders every time a First Class ticket is sold. But like any entrepreneurial adventure, the universe had different ideas.

Anthill's Top Eight Dummy Spits, 2007 [VIDEO]

There are few things more embarrassing than a public dummy-spit. We all have our moments of weakness, when our blood-sugar levels get low, when...



Need cash for your startup or innovation? Here’s the Ultimate Grant...

Have a new business? Are you developing something AWESOME! Well, you're going to need some funding. Here are 12 resources available to people like you, right now.


New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...