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How does Malcolm Gladwell see the world? A peek into a social critic’s microverse [VIDEO]


Top-selling author and New York Times columnist Malcolm Gladwell says we could understand each other more clearly if we remember everyone exists in their own little micro-universe.

In this video, an excerpt from an interview with Bigthink, Gladwell expands on this idea:

We always fall back on this notion that the rest of the world is somehow kind of … their personalities and their minds are constituted the way ours are. This is not true. … It’s just being in the record business is nothing like being in the magazine business or being in the real estate business. I think as human beings we need to be reminded that every little micro-universe is different.

The concept of varied experience and social events are among the fulcrums of Gladwell’s books, such as “The Tipping Point,” “Blink” and “Outliers.” The latter, for instance, examines how a person’s environment, combined with her or his inner drive and personality, shapes the avenues to success.

One gets the impression that a ride through Gladwell’s brain would be a wild one, indeed.

How Malcolm Gladwell sees the world