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Is this what the magazine of the future will look like… again?


Over the past two weeks, we have published the Sun Newspaper’s parody of the iPhone ads (and other mobile alternatives to print newspapers), Time Inc’s prediction of what magazines of the future might look like and a fake (or real) leak of Apple’s new Tablet Mac (aka MacTablet aka TabletMac aka iPad aka Apple Slate).

If you feel like accusing us of obsessing over the possible future of digital media as it applies to hand-held devices, we won’t blame you. Aside from being extremely pertinent to our business, the possibilities are really, really cool!

This video takes the cake, making each of the clips that came before (yes, the three linked above) look and feel like scho0l projects (well, not quite but you get the point).

This concept piece put together by design collective BERG certainly has wow factor.

In the video, the developers explain precisely what drove them to make some of the choices behind the design. It’s a long clip, at almost 8 minutes, but definitely worth watching if you are excited by creative design and the future of media.

BERG concept piece for digital magazines

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