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How far will people go for free crackers? [VIDEO]


On the weekend I watched as a friend roasted an eggplant over a gas flame. He used a fork to skewer the eggplant and, then stood there for a good five to ten minutes while the purple lump turned black. We discussed how some sort of machine should be built to do this task.

It’s with this in mind that I watched this video. Apparently, FMCG company Fantastic wanted to test how far people would go for a free box of their crackers. So, naturally, they built a machine.

As it turns out, people will go a pretty long way. How about pushing a red button 5,000 times? Some kneeled, others bowed and danced to get free food.

It’s also very weird to be watching the viral video of the moment (it’s been viewed more than one million times in ten days) and seeing someone you know, hopping for crackers.

The interwebs may be a big place, but it’s not quite as big as you might think.

Did they go far enough to earn a cracker? The promise has been made that this will go further.

How far will we go for free food?