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Sometimes, things are easier than you think [VIDEO]


Yes! It’s the first ‘tenuous business-linked video’ of 2015.

Don’t worry. There are many more planned.

But this one is something rather special.

Why? Because at first, creating a swan from an apple looks ridiculously hard. But, when known some hacks and it’s explained, it’s positively a doddle.

Well, ok, maybe not a doddle but, it’s a damn sight easier once you’ve seen how it’s done.

What’s that got to do with business and building a startup?

We have to admit that we don’t know everything. We have to admit that sometimes we need to be shown how to do something – whether that’s write a media release, inspire teams or, design packaging. There will be something that you don’t know, something that looks incredibly hard but, when in the hands of an expert, you can not only get them to assist but, you will pick up enough knowledge along the way to know when you need help and, when you don’t.

And, if you’ve got nothing planned this weekend, buy some apples and make a swan. Why? Because it’s a whole new skill that will make your brain spark up. Just don’t lose any fingers!

How to make an edible swan


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