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Vale Leonard Nimoy: an inspiration to entrepreneurs


Are all entrepreneurs Star Trek fans? Probably not.

But many are. Why?

Because Spock made it ok to be different. Nimoy’s portrayal of Spock touched the lives of many. It was ok to be an alien (or to feel different), it was ok to be a science nerd.

Star Trek was a landmark tv show for so many reasons. It imagined the technology we now hold in our hands (smart phones and tablets). And, it gave us technology to aspire to (teleportation and medical tricorders).

It also encapsulated the mind set of exploration. Of doing things that needed to be done and done differently. And, that’s just some high level, summary of the original tv show plots.

It was a landmark show because it had an African American woman as a main character, Uhura played by Nichelle Nichols. Plus, it was Nimoy who saw to it that Nichols was given pay equal to that of her male co-stars in the 1960s. That’s something most women, to this day, are still seeking.

There’s a lot to be recognised about Nimoy’s life for anyone who is bold enough to have followed their own path. Nimoy’s parents were horrified when he left college to pursue his dream of being an actor. But, he followed his dream until he was successful.

He fought back from severe alcoholism and, sought to help others also afflicted. Including co-star William Shatner’s late wife, Nerine Shatner, who later drowned in her own swimming pool while under the influence of alcohol. He owned his own problems and he gave back with grace and dignity.

He’s starred in recent re-imaginings of Star Trek. And, he’s starred in ads for Audi and VW that have become cult classics. Showing that, no matter what, a sense of humour about yourself is essential.

So, for all fellow Trekkies out there who have taken the great leap into starting their own business, following their own dream – remember Nimoy’s kindness, intellect, humour and compassion. Thanks for the inspiration. LLAP.

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