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Blurb Maker (SMART 100)

Over a period of some 10 years, I wrote sales copy for product vendors. I saw that most vendors require professional quality copy, but don't have the budget for it. Instead, they write it themselves or don't use copy at all. In late 2010, I came up with an idea for automating the creation of property descriptions for real estate agents and vehicle sales copy for car dealers.

Buffed (SMART 100)

We, like many others, were concerned with the level of unemployment but curious as to why all the focus was on job creation. We were keen to build a model that created small business that could foster the entrepreneurial spirit that many individuals have that are currently unemployed or underemployed often for reasons outside their control. Why not shoe shining?

Wide Waste Adjustable Bathroom Appliances (SMART 100)

After fitting yet another misaligned rigid waste shower tray I went home and did some serious drinking and thinking. Why doesn't anybody make an adjustable shower tray, I pondered? Well now they can. (SMART 100)

I realised that the Internet held the key to solving the greatest daily challenge of the $7 trillion construction industry: getting paid. Whilst many licensed accounting and invoicing systems are available to the industry, none of these connect parties in a meaningful way. And although there are a growing number of online systems available to facilitate project collaboration, these focus on document control and file sharing rather than financial management.


Our Operations team wanted to become more proactive with leak detection from our water main network in order to a) minimise non-revenue water; b) minimise customer disruptions/frustration; c) minimise repair/reinstatement costs for water main bursts; and d) gain greater understanding of the water network (i.e. make it smarter). (SMART 100)

The group saw tremendous and untapped potential in enhancing the real estate search experience. With the sprouting growth of iPad users, the group embarked on developing an app that gives property buyers a new platform to search for properties with greater ease.

Employee Attachment Inventory (SMART 100)

Anthony Sork, an employee engagement expert, detected a gaping hole in the market for a product that could help businesses save hundreds of thousands of dollars in staff turnover costs. Having spent a great deal of his career having conversations with HR/Recruiters/Hiring Managers, Anthony recognised that no one was paying any attention to the bonds new employees were forming with an organisation, and how this honeymoon period of three months would set the resting point for how much effort the employee was likely to put in after they passed probation.

BuyReply (SMART 100)

Brad realised there was no way to buy anything directly off of TV without requiring an app download or anything similar, so he set out to create BuyReply which would enable merchants to sell products across any broadcast medium without needing an app. Five months later, our team is four weeks away from launching a world-first, patent-pending platform that enables this.

Little Space Heroes – Virtual Universe (SMART 100)

A team of ex-Disney and ex-games industry veterans decided to create the best virtual world for kids. Our startup is the fastest-growing games company in Australia, growing from five people in Jan 2011 to over 20 people now, and we’re now taking our story to mobile platforms and brand franchise extensions.

Online Project Management Portal (SMART 100)

Thirdi Property completed a small development in the regional centre of Orange in NSW. The development consisted of 12 townhouses and all were sold to investors not located in Orange (some lived on the other side of Australia). To help with the task of updating clients, Thirdi created an online project management area where clients could log in and get video updates, site images, invoices and documents. We now have 60+ properties on this platform.

in2loyalty Mobile Loyalty Card (SMART 100)

in2loyalty initially came to life when I was at my local fruit grocer and they offered me a paper stamp loyalty card. Every week I shop there and as I don't carry a purse or wallet, every week I would forget my card and miss out on getting the rewards. As I always have my phone on me, I thought, wouldn't it be great if the stamp card was on my phone? Then I would never forget it, and would always receive the rewards.

Small World Social Cloud-based Training Software (SMART 100)

We built a cloud-based online training platform to give the experience of being guided through social media platforms in real time. This was technically difficult, since we wanted users to experience the real technologies, not a video reproduction. After a lot of trial and error, we had it: an online training software with a video guide and an interactive window. We took it to clients, but they wanted the software, not the course.

ENEdropp (SMART 100)

As we all get old, cataracts is an issue most of us will see. Applying the correct prescribed drop dosage is important for the healing process. After interviewing some patients at the hospital and observing my grandparents, I found that there were numerous hurdles to applying a compliant dosage of eye drop with the conventional packaging. I then set out to design ENEdropp.

Straight Through Processing (SMART 100)

We noticed how many clients who applied with us and who were eligible for an advance did not proceed with finalising their loan because of reluctance to have their payroll officer called, as well as the time it took to compile and send documentation, and delays due to payroll officers being unavailable. We thought we could streamline this process using highly advanced mathematics and software.

Rocksolver Software for Sustainable Construction (SMART 100)

I was building a house in Tassie, partly from the rock rubble lying around the building site. Packing irregular shapes together to form a nice-looking regular structure was hard work and I thought, "A computer can do this." I realised that as well as solving an intellectual problem, the software would enable the use of a local resource, unprocessed quarried rock, which is about 10% of the price and its production results in just 10% of the greenhouse gas emissions compared to manufactured and processed masonry material like concrete, brick and dimension stone. So, great for sustainable development.

Recruitment Coach (SMART 100)

Businesses’ biggest complaints were that they were sick of the quick turnover they faced from agency-found employees, as well as the high costs. Paula decided to fill the gap with an innovative recruitment/HR business, where business owners could talk to business owners through a franchised delivery model.

Befree Bookkeeping & Accounting Service (SMART 100)

We got sick of having to charge our clients for fixing work that was already paid for and having to justify our fees to our clients for this work. The majority of bookkeepers weren't qualified and hence did not understand accounting and yet charged high rates based on experience. We realised we could offer the same services with better qualified staff at lower rates by moving accounting functions offshore.

Bendelta Strategy Implementation Tool (SMART 100)

We were working with clients on their strategies. We continually heard them (and many other companies) say: We are actually quite good at developing strategy but we are lousy at implementation. We need something that will keep us disciplined. At that point, we realised that a strategy implementation tool was greatly needed by companies to help them keep on track with the execution of their plans.

RecruitLoop Online Recruitment Marketplace (SMART 100)

Our co-founder swore off using expensive recruitment agencies in his (50-person) business forever. He began a mission to slash the cost and time it took him to recruit new employees. He initially found a contract recruiter who would charge him an hourly rate. He could outsource the process, but save 90% compared to an agency. Then his friends started asking for her details. There was demand for this model!

Smart Energy Groups SEGmetering System Version 2 (SMART 100)

The breakthrough came when a power box metering system, coupled with a modem, was designed and tested that could reliably send data to Smart Energy Groups' website, enabling an online dashboard to monitor, analyse and report power being used 24/7 by a customer's equipment, lighting and electrical appliances. Field tests proved this world-first could deliver what it promised: the opportunity to discover where and when power is being used, which enables business owners and householders to start saving up to 30% on the power bills.




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