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Will Google Inbox save us from drowning in email? [VIDEO]


Here’s hoping that it does.

In just one of my email accounts, one that I actually use rather than one just for spam, I have 5,360 unread emails.

Email used to be an essential way to communicate, now it’s a burden.

Who doesn’t feel pressure about their ever-growing inbox? How many people are actively seeking the magical state of inbox zero?

I do find all the tedious imagery of bright young hipsters scooting about in their every day life a tad overdone in this video from Google to showcase it’s new email app. However, that’s probably because I’m old and jaded and spend too much time wading through email.

Email is one of the many things that is broken about the internet. Another thing is bookmarking. Because bookmarking is broken, I have to email myself things I want to go back to, only contributing to the email overflow issue.

So, Google, here’s hoping that your much-vaunted new app is going to change things. For the better.

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