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ARGUS — Electronic Work Diary (SMART 100)

The transport regulators and state road authorities decided that Line Haul Transport Operators must operate their business to a stringent set of complex Fatigue Laws in 2009. These laws fall under a strict Chain of Responsibility (CoR) legislation designed to make heavy vehicle fleets safer. Unfortunately the fatigue laws that have been implemented, although great in theory, are impossible to manage in practice, in manual format as a work diary.

Jayride carpool marketplace (SMART 100)

This innovation initially came to life when Rod, keen environmentalist traveler and rideshare advocate, met Ross, expert online marketplace developer. Rod was certain that creating a carpool and rideshare network as complete and functional as a bus network was a real possibility. Ross, bringing his knowledge with online marketplaces, developed the execution which made it a reality.

Get a Shortlist (SMART 100)

We realised many businesses were failing to take full advantage of the power of software to improve their business, despite a compelling business case and many options available. We explored many different ways to serve end-users directly and get paid by them, but eventually concluded they generally lacked enough budget for software selection support. At the same time, we were being inundated with approaches from software vendors keen to find new customers. The light bulb went on...

MiiBrand (SMART 100)

We realised that many coupon or daily deal sites bombard users with unwanted offers which often become unmanageable and turn users away. Why not create a mobile app that allows users to pre-select the brands and types of deals they would like to receive? It creates a win-win situation with users receiving targeted offers and brands receiving higher conversion rates. (SMART 100)

I was sitting on a beach in Dili, East Timor. While the sun was setting, I realised two things: 1) Physiotherapists are placing increasing emphasis on education and exercise programs in injury management; 2) People in remote areas should not miss out on valuable personalised injury information. The idea for an online injury assessment and management clinic was born.

Brightgreen’s DR700 LED Downlight Replacement Bulb (SMART 100)

Brothers David and Barry O'Driscoll started Brightgreen, an LED lighting company developing products that match a halogen on brightness while using only a quarter of the power and lasting up to fifteen times longer. Brightgreen’s latest cutting-edge product is the DR700 -- the world’s first LED downlight replacement bulb to match the brightness of an average halogen and to be compatible with all existing transformers and dimmers. This means that LED replacement bulbs are now simple, fast and hassle-free to install, making them ideal for a mass market.

The Cullector (SMART 100)

My mum always used to catch the initial volume of cold water discharged from her shower in a bucket and use it on the garden, but a few years ago, when she hit her mid-70s, she abandoned the practice because it was just too much hard work. With water restrictions also in place due to the drought, I decided to invent a better way to collect and use that water. The Cullector is the result of that inspiration, although it’s taken several years and 14 prototypes to perfect it!

Unbooked (SMART 100)

Founders Sarah Taylor and Jeff Dusting realised how time-consuming and unsatisfactory it was to locate, book, and pay for home, health and beauty services, and how few service providers had access to efficient low-cost online trading. Unbooked seeks to create an online marketplace for the sale of available time-based services.

Community Wellbeing Model (SMART 100)

After generations of disadvantage in marginalised Australian communities, Evolve director Kerry Grace realised there must be a better way. Kerry met with colleagues in the Nambucca Valley and commenced developing the 'architecture' to make significant and sustainable change in the community.

ManageFlitter (SMART 100)

We had problems keeping our Twitter accounts uncluttered from users that added little value to our tweet stream. We also were having problems seeing who we were following and who was not following us back, and vice versa. There was no easy way to bulk unfollow people based on a set of criteria, so we developed a web-based application that would assist in improving the signal/noise ration of a user's Twitter account.

DynamicCreative (SMART 100)

The purpose of this innovation is to make internet advertising in search engines more efficient and cost-effective for both searchers and advertisers. DynamicCreative’s ability to incorporate live pricing that matches inventory, for large scale campaigns, providing higher Quality Score, increased relevancy and significantly improved ROI.

Young Republic (SMART 100)

We discovered there were no online platforms/marketplaces that empower young or emerging Australian designers to reach their goals. The purpose of this innovation is to empower young and emerging Australian designers.

Be There (SMART 100)

Be There came about from a combination of the Black Saturday bushfires, the devastating flooding that occurred in Queensland, and the feedback from Silicon Valley for Jasondb, our new NOSQL database. Be There was an initiative designed to allow people access to information in real time from a combination of "verified" organisations as well as crowdsourced individuals.

Bookzkeeper (SMART 100)

My professional background as an accountant collided with small business ownership when I bought a surf shop. I knew I needed to get my tax completed just like any small business owner, so I took my “folder” to my tax accountant. He was gobsmacked by how organised my tax information was. I was also developing my own clientele as an accountant, and clients’ tax accountants commented on how easy it was to complete their tax returns as all the information was at hand, so I researched producing a commercial version of the system I was using for myself and clients.

LeadBolt (SMART 100)

Founder Dale Carr noticed how many website owners were complaining about declining revenues they were seeing from online adverts placed on their web pages (especially with Google Adsense). Digging deeper, Carr identified a trend called ad-blindness where web visitors were now so used to the look and feel of online adverts that they were totally ignoring them. Carr set about working on an advertising solution where the display method would be more engaging meaning higher click-throughs, better web-owner revenues and higher quality leads for advertisers.

The Red Tent Networking Events (SMART 100)

I realised that there were women all over Australia who wanted me to host our events which we were then hosting in restaurants, in their regions. However, after doing Sydney one month and then Melbourne the next I became burnt out. I realised I needed to come up with another concept so that I could expand our events in a way that could be easily replicated -- but realising it had to be very different from how we were currently hosting them.

Home Open TV (SMART 100)

It came to life when we discovered how hard it is to keep a house tidy enough to be presentable at its best for a Home Open when we were selling it. We also noticed that many of the photos did not give a good impression of our home, its layout or feel. Home Open TV is a user-enabled site that allows anyone to list their own home free ... with video and a unique video email solution.

Water boatman (SMART 100)

I used dynamometers as an apprentice, to test diesel engines. I wanted wind-powered heating as part of a desalination unit – to make fresh water from the sea.

mPole (SMART 100)

After starting Pole Dancing classes and travelling to Sydney each week, the need for my own Pole took hold, but my landlord at the time did not share this same enthusiasm for installing a pole. This predicament forced me to design and have made a freestanding pole that did no damage to the precious roof.

The EcoSwitch (SMART 100)

I discovered how difficult it was to reach my powerpoint to turn off wasted standby power. The purpose of this innovation is to enable everyone to save wasted standby power or simply to gain switching access to one's powerpoints. And to provide a visual reminder for those of use who are forgetful.
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